If a beautiful sunset is seen, how much more beautiful is WHAT is seeing it? (meditation picture quote)

mj quote beautiful sunset

6 Responses

  1. Nice pointer. To me the quality that is seeing it isn’t so “beautiful” in an aesthetic or emotional sense as it is awe inspiring in its depth, emptiness and infinity,

    • Nice Tom! And yet ultimately ALL adjectives, no matter how sublime, are not IT… for it is a direct recognition of THAT which sees ALL words, but is itself no-thing.

  2. Another great post 🙂 Michael, I love reading paperback books – have you written a book? If so, could you give me the title and let me know where I can purchase it please…

  3. Thanks Michael 🙂

  4. I cant understand this quote on sunset. can someone help me to get actual meaning of this??

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