Thoughts are Dense… You are Light

Feeling light feels good… and the lightest you can feel is when you aren’t anything!

Thoughts have a weight to them when you tune into them energetically. The higher vibrations, love, peace, joy, etc., feel light, while denser vibrations, such as hate, jealous, and judgment, feel heavy.

That is why when we our doing something we love, there is very little thinking going on and so we feel great. But when we are engaged with something we don’t like, the mind is “whrrrrrrrring” away, and we don’t feel as good.

Thoughts are “heavy,” but Love is not a thought, it’s who you are underneath ALL thoughts. It’s the core of who/what you are. But if you only focus on thoughts, on the surface, you miss the Love, which is ironic, as it’s all any of us really want.

-Michael Jeffreys

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