Ego Distracts You From Looking Within


Ego… he’s a clever little tricky devil. Has you believing all sorts of things… some good, but most bad. His agenda? To keep you distracted so you fail to look inward and notice your true Self, which is infinite, formless, invisible, everywhere. You are the un-manifested and the ego is a temporary manifestation. You have confused the two. Be clear which is you… as you move toward ego you feel more fear and confusion… as you move toward pure consciousness, “your timeless, infinite center,” you feel more love and peace.

-Michael Jeffreys

2 Responses

  1. I like this. My dilemna Michale is that the ego is like the finger pointing to the moon cliche. The ego points to the content (finger) and yet that is not it. So how do we ‘look’ within without the “I” ego?

    Its hard to let go of the pointers, when you can’t get pass the pointer. Nothing is behind the eyes and intellectually no one is doing anything is obvious since there is no image present that represents ego, I or me.

    But How can we adjust or look without the “I’? How do we look without looking?

  2. Hi Paul. Are you able to see that the above is all “mind stuff”? It’s ego having a problem with ego. Any answer I give would just be feeding it. Instead, why not just silently go within and see what you find?

    It would be like you were hungry and so I gave you a fishing pole and said “There’s a lake. Stick the line in the water and you will have all the fish you can eat.” But instead, your mind becomes transfixed with the pole and starts asking a bunch of questions about it and you never get around to sticking it in the water and so the mind concludes that it doesn’t work and so you are left without any fish!

    The key is to silently go within and see what you find, without having any preconceived ideas or beliefs. Remember, you won’t know what you will find (or won’t find) until you actually look. The ego likes to complicate things. Just get quiet, go within, and have a look and see if you find anything. 🙂

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