The Toughest Question You Will Ever Ask Yourself


If you were to ask me what awakening is in this moment, I would say it’s not knowing what you are and realizing you will never know…

For most, this is too much to even look at directly, let alone consider or investigate and so the game of pretending, mental distraction, and hiding goes on. They never allow themselves to stop and ask the toughest question you will ever ask yourself:

“Who/what am I…?”

However, for a few… the call MUST be answered. Turning away or ignoring the pull is not an option… even if it means the death of who you once imagined yourself to be. And as it turns out, that is EXACTLY what it means. 🙂

-Michael Jeffreys

From Facebook after posting the above:

Pierre LaCasse: Excellent Michael. Short and to the point. Answering that question will change your life. No more masks. ♥

Michael: Exactly Pierre… which suddenly casts a whole new light on suicide… as WHO exactly would you be killing? Ha, only the poor body gets terminated because of our mistaken identity! :)

One Response

  1. The queston ,who are you? I know the ocean lives in my skin, grass, hummingbirds, all that is. Perhaps best spoken as: A Divine spark

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