Birthdays are for the Body, not YOU

“I am 39 yrs. old”, I just heard an interviewer say to his guest on an internet show. And I found myself smiling, followed by the thought: “No, your BODY is 39 yrs. old… YOU are timeless and ageless. You are eternal because YOU have never been born.” Be clear that even though your body continues to age every second, YOU are not your body. I.e., the same “thing” is looking out your eyes now as when you were 1 min. old, 5 yrs. old, 10 yrs. old 25 yrs old, 5 mins. ago, and right now! Unlike the physical body, what YOU are was never born and so it cannot die.

-Michael Jeffreys


2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Michael. I so often say, when someone asks me the age of someone, “I don’t know. I only know an infact, a baby and maybe someone who looks 100.” (and that’s not true either) and now I know why; I intuitively I know what you say here and that is not because I lack age-knowledge, but because, there is no age in consciousness and I’m getting that in an intutive way. .. And , when someone asks my age ,I know if I tell them my body age , , they will mostly put me n a box, Peope her age are this way, do these kind of things, like these kind of things, think a certain way. And those assumptions are not accuate. Once in awhile I’ll say, inside I feel such an aliveness, curiosity, in awe of this universe. It’s not just that I have the heart of achild in many ways, but that I realized (without actually knowing it) that what I’ve meaning to express, is: I;m ageless and timeless. and so are you. Yes. Thank you, Michael.

  2. And to think of someone who was kicking such a big fuss when no one remembered his birthday… hahaha…

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