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November 1, 2019



All thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods, perceptions, ideas, stories, experiences come and go. But does that which is eternally True come or go?

The pictures are forever changing, but the canvas on which they appear is timeless. In Reality nothing has ever changed. Merely the appearance of change. Temporary, fleeting, illusory images… never actually reaching Reality. Like moving a 4th of July sparkler in a circular motion really fast at night appears to make a circle. But is there actually a real, independent thing called a circle there? Or is it a made up word for a made up appearance?

Here and gone, here and gone… and btw, where exactly is here?? When exactly is now?? What was “here” before the body was born is what is “here” now and will be after the body is gone.

Sri Nisargadatta called it the Absolute. The changeless. Prior to Consciousness. What You are has never changed.

Michael Jeffreys


All language is the language of untruth alone. -Sri Atmananda. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 30, 2019


No language is the language of Truth. All language is the language of untruth alone.

-Sri Atmananda

MICHAEL: All words are mind. Start from Silence.

Q: Wouldn’t that make this quote ‘untrue’?

MICHAEL: Yes, all words are untrue including these. However, what they are pointing to is ever-present/eternal, but not noticed when we are lost in mind/stories/imagination/the untrue.

What if no one has ever died because no one was ever born? New MJ Awakening Blog
October 15, 2019

Sun above Earth


“There is an agreed upon, consensus reality which almost the entire human race shares. The world has been around a long time; it is ancient. Into this world, you are born as an individual; you grow, learn, experience life, and die. There is some disagreement concerning what happens after that, except that for everyone else, life will go on – until they also die. Everybody thinks they know this – or some local variation of this. But in fact when you were ‘born’ you did not know this. You LEARNED this. Everyone else learned it too and so it is an almost universally shared idea. But everybody believing something doesn’t make it true.

From eternity, without time, I Am, the unborn. Just as a dream begins at some point during sleep, so ‘at some point’ That which I Am appears as Consciousness here, and this world comes into being. I open my eyes: there is experiencing of life in this apparent body/mind. After a certain span of experiencing, I close my eyes: the world ceases to be, and from eternity I Am, the unborn. What could be simpler, or more obvious?

Every once in a while someone will come along and try to tell folks this, but a consensus reality is tough to crack. It is self-reinforcing and has built-in ways to deal with cognitive dissonance. One way is to call the offenders ‘crazy.’ Another, just as effective, is to call them ‘mystics.’ Either way the illusion of separation, the consensus reality, is maintained.”
-David Carse
Perfect Brilliant Stillness

MICHAEL: That you were born is so universally believed that to even question it seems insane. But what if it is only the body that is born and not You? If you were born, how come you don’t remember being born? “Because I was too young” is the common reply. But what if the real reason is because you weren’t. What are the implications? If you were never born then how can you die? What if no one has ever died because no one was ever born?

How do you find what is Eternal? You are that, so it cannot be found… -Summairu. New MJ Awakening Pic Quotes
December 5, 2017


How do you find what is Eternal? You are that, so it cannot be found. Also it cannot be found in any experience or event in time.


Why does the mind trouble you? Simply see that there is nothing behind the mind except eternal silence. Who does the mind trouble?


If it changes it’s not You. New MJ Awakening Meditation
November 14, 2017


If it changes it’s not You.

Michael Jeffreys



The way the illusion of “selfing” works is thusly… New MJ Awakening Blog
November 12, 2017

mask on tree

The way the illusion of “selfing” works is thusly: the brain processes information non-stop 24/7 and has to decide what is a threat and what is useful. But to whom is all this info. relevant to??

The answer is to the fictitious, purely mental “me” that I have mistakenly identified myself as. But, where did this “me” come from in the first place? Was it there at birth? No. It didn’t show up until around the age of 1-1 1/2 years old.

Once this sense of a separate self shows up, Consciousness automatically identifies with it, and our suffering/confusion/sense of separation/seeking begins. Thus, awakening is realizing that you, Consciousness, are intrinsically whole and cannot be this sense of separation, regardless of how “real” the illusion may feel/seem. Note that the brain did nothing wrong; if it wasn’t suppose to create this sense of a “false me,” it would not appear to happen.

Remember, an appearance is NOT the actual. The actual is changeless. An appearance changes, and thus cannot be your true nature. The good news is that just because an illusion arises doesn’t mean it can’t be seen through and recognized for what it is; an apparent modification of that which is eternally unmodifiable.

Michael Jeffreys

The Timeless, the Eternal, You, have never been in Time… New MJ Awakening Blog
October 24, 2017


If my starting premise as to what I AM (my Absolute Nature) is false, than all subsequent conclusions will naturally be false as well.

In other words, if I believe I (the Eternal/Timeless) am in time, then all my subsequent conclusions will also be time-bound and not what I truly am, nor have I ever been. 

It’s this Self-recognition of my true timeless nature that makes all the difference. No one can do it for You–You must see this recognition intuitively/directly for Yourself. 

Michael Jeffreys

The Mind is a “Concluder” and Keeps Seeking Alive
December 3, 2012


The mind is a “concluder.” By this I mean it “concludes” what something means. For example, a thought can arise that says, “I sent this person an email and they never responded, therefore this means they are rude, don’t like me, an asshole,” etc.

A conclusion has been reached about what something means. But why conclude? How could a conclusion from the past be of any relevance in the fresh, new NOW? Don’t I need to see what is actually happening NOW, before I can conclude what it means? And the moment I start to draw another conclusion, BAM!, too late! It’s already a fresh NOW… never-before, never-again, one and done.

To conclude is time… YOU are timeless.

-Michael Jeffreys

Two Facebook Comments:

“Maybe each conclusion represents the actualization of a potential wave in your brain–unlimited potential is turned into a result — a particle — in your assessment of reality–creating TIME. By observing this as it happens and refusing to stop at any conclusion, you remain open and timeless.” –Tom Bunzel

Michael: Nice Tom! Yes, like the brain photo above illustrates, each “conclusion” is like a little ball of light that has crystallized and become more dense and solid than the energy around it. And the more sure we are “right”, the denser and heavier the energy becomes. By not coming to any conclusions, you keep the energy light and moving, and thus don’t impede its natural and spontaneous flow. Seeking falls away naturally because without concluding anything, you are in harmony with Life’s natural flow each moment. You can either “go with the flow” or stop and conclude, but you can’t do both.

” The conclusion illusion. Self made suffering.” <3–Alfred Greene

Michael: Yes! Whether it’s positive or negative, any conclusion we believe into existence will eventually bring suffering.

You are the Timeless experiencing time
June 24, 2012

Everything is a temporary appearance/manifestation in Awareness, including a body, thoughts, sensations, feelings, emotions, sounds, physical objects, colors, etc. So, you don’t “have a body”, rather, you experience one. You don’t “have a thought,” rather, you experience one.

All experiences are fleeting… YOU are not. Why? Because you are the only thing that is not an experience. You simply ARE (timeless), regardless of the comings and goings of all experiences (which require time). Regardless if the experience is desirable or undesirable, it never touches what you have always been and cannot help BEing… that which was never born.

The trouble comes when we mistake a temporary appearance/manifestation/arising for “US.” It is not possible for you to actually be any appearance, but it can appear so if you IDENTIFY with the appearance. As your “identification” with appearances is what gives them life, i.e., makes them real. (Do you see anyone else inside you making things seem real? No? Then it’s all YOU baby!)

Splashing water (thoughts) can temporarily obscure “self” from recognizing SELF, but not forever. Eventually the agitation begins to settle, the muddy waters calm down and begin to still revealing clarity, or glimpses are seen/sensed/intuited and the “self” begins to awaken to its true nature… that which was never born and so remains, as always, ever unaffected.

Nothing can harm you. Nothing can touch you. Nothing can know you. Nothing can be you. Nothing… Nothing… Nothing.

-Michael Jeffreys

Birthdays are for the Body, not YOU
June 21, 2012

“I am 39 yrs. old”, I just heard an interviewer say to his guest on an internet show. And I found myself smiling, followed by the thought: “No, your BODY is 39 yrs. old… YOU are timeless and ageless. You are eternal because YOU have never been born.” Be clear that even though your body continues to age every second, YOU are not your body. I.e., the same “thing” is looking out your eyes now as when you were 1 min. old, 5 yrs. old, 10 yrs. old 25 yrs old, 5 mins. ago, and right now! Unlike the physical body, what YOU are was never born and so it cannot die.

-Michael Jeffreys

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