You are the Timeless experiencing time

Everything is a temporary appearance/manifestation in Awareness, including a body, thoughts, sensations, feelings, emotions, sounds, physical objects, colors, etc. So, you don’t “have a body”, rather, you experience one. You don’t “have a thought,” rather, you experience one.

All experiences are fleeting… YOU are not. Why? Because you are the only thing that is not an experience. You simply ARE (timeless), regardless of the comings and goings of all experiences (which require time). Regardless if the experience is desirable or undesirable, it never touches what you have always been and cannot help BEing… that which was never born.

The trouble comes when we mistake a temporary appearance/manifestation/arising for “US.” It is not possible for you to actually be any appearance, but it can appear so if you IDENTIFY with the appearance. As your “identification” with appearances is what gives them life, i.e., makes them real. (Do you see anyone else inside you making things seem real? No? Then it’s all YOU baby!)

Splashing water (thoughts) can temporarily obscure “self” from recognizing SELF, but not forever. Eventually the agitation begins to settle, the muddy waters calm down and begin to still revealing clarity, or glimpses are seen/sensed/intuited and the “self” begins to awaken to its true nature… that which was never born and so remains, as always, ever unaffected.

Nothing can harm you. Nothing can touch you. Nothing can know you. Nothing can be you. Nothing… Nothing… Nothing.

-Michael Jeffreys

5 Responses

  1. As you sometimes say, it is a hell of an illusion, or trick. I still wonder whether our science can one day penetrate this mystery and identify the “frequency” on which the illusory thoughts and experiences manifest.

  2. Tom, it’s ALL an illusion, EVERYTHING is part of the dream, including “science.”

    • Good point – but again that is what makes the dream so powerful — our current religion (mass dream) is Science. But you are spot on, even that must be questioned and examined.

  3. Hi Michael.

    I’m still breathing in your top line:; “you are the timeless experiencing time.”
    I’ve never read/heard it said just that way. An Ah=ha moment for me. Thanks , Michael.

  4. The usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness

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