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As you see in realtime that everything is unfolding perfectly fine without intentions, you begin to realize that you don’t have to worry about the future – because you now know, you have faith, that everything will be taken care of exactly as it should, when it should, by an intentionless unfolding of the totality.

Faith isn’t something that you can convince yourself to have. It’s something that you have to slowly acquire by seeing in realtime that everything is working out all by itself.

-Göran Backlund

The above is an excerpt from Göran’s latest Blog, “Life: How To Live It” and, imo, gets to the heart of the problem for the “seeker” who understands non-duality backwards and forwards, but is still trying to, at some level, control Life. Since this is not possible (can the wave EVER control the ocean?), we experience suffering.
Once we see that that control is an illusion AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN… then, as we let go more and more, we see IN OUR OWN EXPERIENCE how everything always seems to work out. And, I agree with Göran that it does take time. Why? Because it took “time” to become conditioned to believe the idea that you are the doer, so it naturally follows that it would take some “time” to see that you have never been the doer… And yet, doing spontaneously happens!
Just keep letting go and notice how Life does all…
–Michael Jeffreys

6 Responses

  1. But even trying to be in control was supposed to happen otherwise it wouldn’t have happened…

    • Yes, any attempt to control anything is part of the unfoldment of the dream. But it need not to be. Not if one wanna avoid suffering.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Crucial point.

  2. Hi Micheal.

    I’m a little confused with this one or sometimes I think writers leave out vital information because they know the subject so well themselves. Anyway, if everything is unfolding in this moment (realtime) as it is meant to be….without our intention, then what is all this notion about thoughts changing our reality?? I find it quite demoralizing to think we are powerless.
    However, are you failing to make clear that this ‘intentionless unfolding of reality’ is perfect and beautiful until our negetive controling energy arrises to distorts our perception of it?? Sorry if I sound rude but it’s difficult to phrase it any other way….:)


    • Thoughts are powerless to change reality. They aren’t separate from reality – thoughts unfold as part of the play. (Check out my article presenting a movie allegory on this http://www.uncoveringlife.com/the-greatest-piece-of-art-ever-created/)

      And yes, it can be very demoralizing to discover that we’re powerless, but that’s where surrender comes into play.

      And, there’s only an “intentionless unfolding of reality” once intentions has been let go – at which point unfolding reality is recognized to be perfect and beautiful. In other words, the point is to abandon intentions. And that goes hand in hand with the surrender I mentioned.

  3. Thank you for your comment John. I have invited Göran to answer too if he feels to comment.

    “Sorry if I sound rude…” you don’t sound rude.

    “I find it quite demoralizing to think we are powerless.”

    I invite you to investigate this “I” that claims to feel demoralized and powerless… can you actually, as in literally, find him/it?

    “our negetive controling energy arrises to distorts our perception of it??”

    “our negative energy” is to claim that it’s yours. How did you create this energy if it is indeed “yours”?

    same with “distorts our perceptions of it”… if it’s “your” perception, then how did you create it?

    You see, thoughts make all sorts of claims, most of which go by unchallenged. If you are interested in genuine freedom, start to look closely at the mind’s unending claims BEFORE just taking them at face value.

    Life includes everything… the good, the bad, and the ugly. And it’s ALL fine.


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