Size is an illusion: it depends on your distance from the person/object… new MJ Awakening Blog

couple in park

I was at the park today with a friend and I was watching a couple walk down a path and I observed how the further away they walked from me, the smaller they became from my point-of-view.

And I remarked to my friend that I had no clue as to their actual size, as when they were in front of me they were between 5-6 feet tall, and by the time they were about 50 yds. away, they were about 6 inches tall from my p.o.v.!

And so neither size was actually accurate. Amazing the difference it makes in our perception when we stay with our direct experience without overlaying it with a learned mental trick/concept called “adjusting for depth perception.”

-Michael Jeffreys


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  1. I remember excitedly “getting it” when you demonstrated this understanding during one Sunday night class. You walked from the center into the corner of the room holding up a water bottle, which actually gradually diminished in size, WHEN I used no reference to memory or concepts, only my direct visual experience. That was a Big Wow!

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