Seeing deeply that the “me” is inherently IMPERMANENT, INTERDEPENDENT, and EMPTY. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 3, 2019

3 fireworks

Tonight’s topic at the West LA weekly Satsang was threefold, as all 3 pointers work well together to help loosen our attachment to the “me,” i.e., the feeling of being an actual “separate self,” which when deeply and repeatedly investigated, is revealed to be:


1) IMPERMANENCE reminds us that everything, without exception, is temporary, including the “me.” All thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, stories, etc. are like clouds in that they are there until they are not.

2) INTERDEPENDENCE reminds us that nothing exists by itself. Everything depends on something else in order to exist. A plant is not just a plant, but depends on the sun. No sun, no plant. The plant also depends on the soil to grow in, so no soil, no plant. What about water? Same, no water, no plant.

So sun, soil and water are as much plant as the green leaves! And even though we still refer to it as a plant, we now realize that the word means/encapsulates/is shorthand for so much more than we may have once thought. That the plant is the creation of the entire cosmos!

Now bringing it closer to home, what about the “me”? Without a living body, could you have a “me”? No. So the “me” is dependent on a living body. What about air? No air, no body, no “me.” So “me” is dependent on air.

What about thoughts? Can you have a “me” without a thought? No. So the “me” is dependent on thoughts for its existence. Realizing this, we can begin to see that the “me” is not as independently existing as we may have once believed.

Btw, another way to see this is to imagine you were the only person alive on the planet. If that were the case, suddenly the word “me” wouldn’t make any sense, as there would be no “other” to differentiate yourself from.

3) EMPTINESS reminds us that because everything is interdependent, nothing can exist by itself, under its own power, and thus is empty of inherent existence meaning existing totally by itself, independently.

It’s worth spending some time meditating/reflecting on these 3 “deconstruction points,” and feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Happy “Interdependence Day!”

Michael Jeffreys


Question from Facebook:

“Hi Michael, I take it that these conditions apply to the small self. How does this all relate to the ultimate Self and what is the ultimate Self?”

MICHAEL: Good question! Yes, all “awakening pointers” are for “small self.” The psychological aspect to us which is trying to make sense of it all. It’s view is inaccurate about how things actually are, and so these are the Buddha’s observations on how to correct our “wrong view.” 

There is nothing to say about the Ultimate Self as any mind made concepts are not it. Just know that you are already THAT, which is why you are not the “me” the mind focuses on/thinks about obsessively.



A little inquiry into the “I” you take yourself to be… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 10, 2016


When you refer to yourself as “I”, what exactly are you referring to?

A feeling? Are you a feeling exclusively?

A thought? Are you a thought exclusively?

A story? Are you a story exclusively?

A sound? Are you a sound exclusively?

A word? Are you a word exclusively?

And if you really are that “I”, then what, exactly, is referring to that “I” ????

Michael Jeffreys


Size is an illusion: it depends on your distance from the person/object… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 14, 2015

couple in park

I was at the park today with a friend and I was watching a couple walk down a path and I observed how the further away they walked from me, the smaller they became from my point-of-view.

And I remarked to my friend that I had no clue as to their actual size, as when they were in front of me they were between 5-6 feet tall, and by the time they were about 50 yds. away, they were about 6 inches tall from my p.o.v.!

And so neither size was actually accurate. Amazing the difference it makes in our perception when we stay with our direct experience without overlaying it with a learned mental trick/concept called “adjusting for depth perception.”

-Michael Jeffreys

How can a THOUGHT control an appearance…?? new MJ Awakening pic quote :)
April 3, 2015

mj thought too is an appearance pic quote

The empty ALPHABET: the magic of letters! new MJ Awakening Blog
November 28, 2014



It recently dawned on me that the letters of the alphabet are “re-usable” a seemly unlimited number of times. That we can pull one “out of thin air” seemly anytime we want whether talking, writing or thinking. Thus no letter can ever have any real meaning since they are perfectly interchangeable. For example, I can use the letter “A” in CAR or in HAT and a million more times if I like, and it works perfectly every time! The benefit of seeing this is that you realize that if letters are inherently empty of meaning, then so must words be. And if words are empty of meaning, then so are the mind’s stories.

-Michael Jeffreys

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