The question of having FREE WILL and what is usually overlooked… new MJ Awakening Blog

free will

“I” have FREE WILL. “I” do not have FREE WILL.

Notice that the focus of these 2 statements is on the object of the sentence, the concept of having or not having FREE WILL. Meanwhile, the subject of the sentence, the “I”, the one who seemingly possesses the power to “have” or “own” ANYTHING is assumed, a given. So, from my perspective, it’s not whether there is such thing as the concept of FREE WILL or not that’s important, but rather, can the “I”, the one who claims to have or not have FREE WILL actually be found?

-Michael Jeffreys

One Response

  1. I see a problem with this particular quote, and here’s why. You dispute the “I” in any statement. It may be just a reference to whom is doing the dispute of your claim of personal ownership of freewill. So long as you, some how know what “person” is disputing your claim, is all that is needed to have discourse.
    Your view of person-hood says that personal identity-ego, I,-however you want to identify it -matters not . May be so. But then-if so-freewill is an abstruse concept of little value because self-hood, as defined by you, becomes almost absurdity. Who needs discourse?

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