Ego takes credit for everything, but what made “the ego”?

Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds

While ego takes credit for everything, what made it? What gives it power to exist? What made the earth? The stars? The sun? Your body? Your mind? Your desires? All these things must be summarily ignored for the ego to carry on as “business as usual.”

However, the Light of your Soul, the unchanging Truth of your Being can only be ignored for so long. As the false drops away, the True becomes more and more obvious. Perhaps you have already had glimpses of this Light, of this Silent Knowing Presence, but still feel fear… that too is the ego trying to “dictate” your response. For fear 100% is the domain of ego, not God.

The solution? Surrender your entire will to the Father… “not my will, but thy will be done”… for the Divine cannot refuse a sincere and humble heart… and then keep quiet. Rest in the eternal Silence of your Being.

~Michael Jeffreys

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