Michael Jeffreys “What is the best way to stop seeking?” 10-14-20 Satsang video
October 16, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “What is the best way to stop seeking?” 10-14-20 Satsang


  1. The story that a thought contains isn’t true. It’s just a story. It’s a narrative. And so the confusion is when we start to believe the story. And we’re lost in story and then we miss the moment. Just THIS… however it’s showing up. And that includes all of it, and that’s what the me can’t handle.
  2. The moment is as it is doesn’t leave time for doing. The moment’s here! Here it is. Now, there’s no opening where you can crawl inside the moment and then do stuff, right? But we think we can. That doership, the me, the seeker that’s constantly trying to make this moment correct… feel that!
  3. There’s no salvation for the me.
  4. You have to notice that all the seeker can do is seek because it’s seeking energy. It’s NEVER going to find.


  1. Duality is THIS, the appearance. And the appearance is dualistic, meaning whatever you can find in this “world,” in the appearance, it has an opposite that you cannot get rid of. So, “I just want money, BUT I don’t want to lose any money,” says the me. I just want good health, but I don’t want illness. I just want life, but no death.


  1. Do you see the impossibility of the seeker’s dilemma? It’s looking for ONLY good, ONLY wholeness, ONLY security, ONLY safety in something that is inherently both positive AND negative, both good AND bad. You can’t get one end of the stick without getting the other. So do you see the dilemma for the me? It’s only looking for the positive and then it wants it to stay that way!
  2. Just THIS, exactly as it’s appearing.
  3. Actual separation is impossible. As if Wholeness could really be divided. But Wholeness is so free it can dream of limitation. You’re Wholeness dreaming of separation.

“There’s nothing more pleasurable than knowing who you are. Therefore, desires are second best.” -Diane Martin


  1. So that’s why seeking doesn’t work. Seeking takes you away from THIS moment. Because “it’s” saying, “THIS is NOT enough!”

But what if we drop all our ideas of what enough looks like?

  1. Everything means something to the me because it takes the world as real. And because it takes the world as real, it’s constantly living in fear that something bad will happen to it.

MICHAEL: Wholeness is already the case. So getting cancer or not getting cancer has nothing to do with Wholeness.

STEPHAN: Yes, absolutely… yes.

JOYCE: You mentioned earlier that the me is only seeking for positive experiences. Is that because the me’s job is just to keep seeking? And it’s seeking for what’s impossible so it can keep seeking?


JOYCE: Because that’s it’s job.

MICHAEL: Yes!! Perfect. That’s it. The futility of seeking has to hit you. That this thing seeking is just this energy that will continue to seek because that’s what it does. But it’s not you.

And since you’re ALREADY Wholeness, there’s not a damn thing you can do to become whole. That has to hit you. So it doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if a desire gets fulfilled or not. Yes, it’s nice if it does, but it makes no difference to Wholeness/All that IS.

BRITTNEY: I’m so focused on form that I’m not able to see the formlessness that’s within all the bodies…”

MICHAEL: Yeah, well what do you think is seeing the form? It’s a wordless recognition.

Michael Jeffreys “Life is doing everything… that’s the simple message of Satsang.” 10-7-20 Satsang video
October 8, 2020


1) “So THIS is IT! Just THIS. All sounds, sensations, feelings, thoughts… whatever’s happening, whatever’s arising right now. This is it. This is what’s longed for, this is what’s looked for, but it’s not seen by the me. This moment is not seen as Wholeness… in fact just the opposite. To the me, this moment is seen as insufficient.”

2) “So you can see the different starting position: The me says, ‘I’m not whole, so I’m seeking it.’ Satsang is saying, ‘There’s ONLY Wholeness.’ There’s only Wholeness disguised as whatever’s appearing. So you can see those are two completely different… you couldn’t get more 180. One is starting from lack and hopes to achieve wholeness. The other is starting from Wholeness and staying there, because that’s all there is! But not in story. If you go to mind, if you go to thoughts… you can always find a problem in thought.”

3) “There’s no past, there’s no future, and there’s not even really a now. All there ever IS is what’s happening.”

4) “Even the me is not personal. How would you create a me? How would you do that?”

5) “You’re not actually going anywhere. You’re not moving. What you are never moves. You’re watching the body. The body is moving. You’re not in time. You’re the Timeless. Everything else happens in time. So that’s why you’ve not been able to find what you’re looking for… because you’re looking in time and you’re Timeless.”

6) “See that… See that you’re already whole, right now. Right now you’re already whole. And the thoughts are going to be as they are. And they don’t have to change. If you’re already whole, why do your thoughts need to change?”

7) “So if an uncomfortable feeling arises, that’s just what’s happening. But it doesn’t MEAN anything. There IS nothing personal. That really is the message. Even death is not personal. Because everything dies. But the me will take it personally.”

8) “Life is doing everything… that’s the simple message of Satsang.”

Michael Jeffreys “If this is already Wholeness, how come I don’t feel Whole?” 9-30-20 Satsang video
October 1, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “If this is already Wholeness, how come I don’t feel Whole?” 9-30-20 Satsang

Why does “me” feel separate from Life? Because it imagines it has a life. So there’s a me AND Life, two. But Life is not divided, not two. Life is nondual/whole. Thus there is no you to “have” a Life and there never has been. There’s just Life; Everything and Nothing, however it’s spontaneously appearing… for no one.

Zoom Satsang w/ Michael, 9-23-20, Weds., 6pm (pst)
September 21, 2020

“What’s being searched for is simply this, what is, what’s appearing right now. The bird chirping… The wind blowing across your face. There is only wholeness disguised as everything.” -Michael

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Q: “Lots of suffering going on with all of this uncertainty over the virus. How do we witness the suffering without suffering?” New MJ Awakening Blog
March 14, 2020


LINDSEY: Lots of suffering going on with all of this uncertainty over the virus. How do we witness the suffering without suffering? Feels difficult in this moment.

MICHAEL: Wholeness is always already the case and the virus doesn’t change that. Nothing does. However, as long as the me is there, there will be suffering because the me takes it personally. But nothing is personal. Nothing. All is a passing appearance, but the me takes it to be real because it takes itself to be real. The me is an appearance and has no power at all.

We’ll go into this more at next Sunday’s 3/22, 6pm (pst) online satsang. And if that’s too far off, I am available for one-on-one sessions via skype, zoom or phone (by donation).

Email me at: mjeffreys1@roadrunner.com


JILL: People have died/ are dying from this virus….so why wouldn’t there be suffering by those affected?

MICHAEL: If suffering is arising then that’s what is. But it’s not “your suffering”… the suffering is not personal. But the me takes everything personally. It has no choice.

JILL: OK that makes sense…thank you!!


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