NKOSI: The looking itself doesn’t have any story… New MJ Nonduality blog
December 27, 2022

“The looking itself doesn’t have any story. It doesn’t have a separate self who’s looking. It doesn’t have a brother or a daughter. It’s just looking happening.”


MICHAEL: Looking is untouched by thought. Looking is “thoughtless.” Looking isn’t thinking. Thinking isn’t looking.


“All is This leaves nothing out…” New MJ Nonduality blog
December 15, 2021

All is This leaves nothing out…

These words are This

The keyboard is This

The fingers typing these words are This

The computer screen is This

Facebook is This

The one who seems to be reading this is This

The thought asking, ‘What is he talking about?’ is This

Everything’s This…

Even the one seemingly trying to escape This is This…

cuz all is This…

And This is not knowable… for there’s no one separate to know This…

cuz there’s only This… no separation… undivided

“When you and the moment are not two…” new MJ Awakening pic quote
September 2, 2014

mj when you and the moment leaf quote

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