“All is This is not a belief, teaching or achievement…” New MJ Nonduality blog
December 29, 2021

All is This is not a belief, teaching or achievement…

Me imagines All is This as being thee gold medal of achievement… The Mt. Everest. That some day, when “I” get “there,” then I’ll be like Tim, Kenneth, Ariana and Nkosi… “I will be abiding as pure nondual awareness, blah, blah, blah.” That’s ALL story.

There’s no “there” to arrive at and there’s no “you”, ALREADY, cuz there’s only This, no matter what seems to be arising. So pain, pleasure, boredom, fear, depression, anxiety, joy, uncertainty, laughter, confusion, silence, etc. are all This too…

All is This leaves nothing out… or in. Already, Everything is Nothing…


Innocence isn’t lost… it’s all there IS – New MJ Nonduality blog
September 29, 2021

Innocence isn’t lost… it’s all there IS

This, Wholeness, What IS… appears to move yet never goes anywhere

-Michael Jeffreys

Love is the end of the possibility of specialness.

-Tim Cliss

MICHAEL: What’s a me to do if everything’s already special?

TIM CLISS: “There’s great love & compassion in the absolute equality for every human being’s story.” New MJ Nonduality blog
July 3, 2021

“But if your story, what you’ve called the story of your life becomes just another story, or is seen to be just what it is, which is a STORY of my life… NOT my life. Then the story is liberated. The story is free. It’s freed from my need to make it better. It’s freed from the weight that I gave it, the huge significance that I place on my life.

And this message is very much in contrast to what we’ve been taught and how we’ve been conditioned as human beings to see my life as very, very significant.

The utter insignificance of my life IS the liberation that’s sought. Every life, every human beings story is then of equal significance. And in that, again really paradoxically, there’s great love and compassion in the absolute equality for every human being’s story.”

-Tim Cliss

TIM CLISS: “We’re speaking about the unanswerable nature of Life.” New MJ Nonduality blog
June 9, 2021

“We’re speaking about the unanswerable nature of Life.”

-Tim Cliss

MICHAEL: What is me if not a question? (And a very serious one at that! I mean, what do I take more seriously than me? 😝) ☺️

Me: “I’m not going away until I get ALL my questions answered once and for all!” Well, good luck with that… 🤣❤

Peace isn’t a question or an answer… it’s just unknowing… aka peace. ❤

All Thoughts equally Empty/Tim Cliss on This already Whole. New MJ Nonduality blog
May 10, 2021


What does a thought that says ‘I don’t get it’ have in common with a thought that says ‘I do get it’? They’re both equally empty.

-Michael Jeffreys


This is already fully complete. Absolutely whole. No process will ever get you closer. There is no moving towards this or away from this. It might be obvious that you couldn’t get any closer.

-Tim Cliss
(from, This Deafening Silence)

Tim Cliss: “There’s only this, but this isn’t a thing.” New Michael Jeffreys Nonduality blog
May 2, 2021


“There’s only this, but this isn’t a thing.”

-Tim Cliss

MICHAEL: THIS never actually becomes anything…

Tim Cliss LOL :) video – New Michael Jeffreys Nonduality Blog
April 27, 2021

Tim Cliss LOL 🙂

end of 4-26-21 zoom meeting

Tim Cliss: “Life is simply as it is.” Michael Jeffreys Nonduality blog
April 26, 2021


“There’s just THIS… however it looks.”

“This is the end of waiting for everything to be OK.”

“‘I know how life should be.’ That is the arrogance of self.”

“Life is not interested in your resistance or your acceptance. That might not sound like love, but it is.”

“There’s no escape. Whatever’s happening is Life as it is.”

“Nothing has any significance.”

-Tim Cliss

(4/26/21 zoom meeting)

THIS… however it’s appearing. New Michael Jeffreys Nonduality blog
April 20, 2021

THIS… however it’s appearing

Impossible to miss! You can’t get closer… and you can’t get further away.


This can’t be missed, we’re not talking about something else.
Feeling “I’m missing this” is equally this.

-Tim Cliss


Whether the “Me” gets this or doesn’t, it does not matter to this, coz there is only this, 🙂 All is this.

-Nkosiyazi Khwela

TIM CLISS: Me’s demands are equally what’s happening. New Michael Jeffreys Nonduality Blog
April 19, 2021


When self hears this message that there is only what’s happening, there is an instant resistance… “It can’t be this simple. I’m not having it… there must be more. There must be more to life than this. This can’t be it!? It’s not enough for me. I’m demanding more.”

Well, regardless of your demands… your demands are equally what’s happening.

-Tim Cliss

MICHAEL: What IS excludes nothing. How could it?

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