“There’s no you to believe or not believe thoughts…” -Nkosi ~ New MJ Nonduality blog
March 21, 2022

“Nothing is real…. nothing is real… nothing is real. Cuz there is already no one there. So what seems to be happening right now has got nothing to do with you.

All those thoughts appearing… they’re just thoughts, and they’ve got nothing to do with you. Cuz there’s no you there. There’s no you to believe thoughts. There’s no you to suffer. So the sufferer of a thought is just another thought.

So there’s actually no sufferer. Cuz when thoughts are looked for, they cannot be found. So there’s nothing there. Even the one who seems to be looking for a thought is not even there, so there’s already nothing. What seems to be a you is just an imagination that is appearing in Wholeness as Wholeness.”


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