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January 1, 2020


LINDSAY: Another question, how do you let it be if it evokes a feeling inside of fear or negativity? I have a harder time with these…

MICHAEL: Can you give an example?

LINDSAY: Fearful thought of not being able to breathe or thoughts that cause physical sensations in body that are unpleasant. It is harder to let them be because they seem to command your attention or make you feel the need to distract or fix them.

MICHAEL: The insight Lindsay is that whatever is happening for the moment is what is happening for the moment, but only for the moment because everything is made out of change.

So if a fearful thought is arising or an unpleasant bodily sensations seems to be happening, then for the moment that’s what’s happening. But it’s not going to stay that. And if a thought arises that wishes that this wasn’t happening, then that is what is appearing as the moment…. but it’s not going to stay that. And if resistance arises to the bodily sensation, then that is what’s happening and is not separate from the moment. But (say it with me! 🙂 ), “it’s not going to stay that.”

You see? You can never get out in front of whatever is happening because there is only whatever appears to be happening. The illusion is that there’s a “me” separate from what’s happening and that it can control what’s happening.

However, again, there is only whatever is happening. So if it feels like the “me” is there and is trying to control what is arising, than that is what’s happening. And if you feel clear and peaceful, then that is what’s happening. There’s only ever what’s happening, however it’s appearing as the moment, and no one is “doing” it. And because no one is doing it, there is no right way or wrong way to “do” the moment. There is simply the eternal unfolding of Infinity.

Remember that the river of Life is ALWAYS moving, so it never stays the same. This can be helpful to keep in mind whenever we feel like we’re stuck… Thoughts can start to tell a story about how unfair it is or bad things seems to be. But again, the reality is things never stay the same and the truth is “This too shall pass.”

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