Q: What is the glue of identification? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 22, 2017

glue of identification

Q: What is the glue of identification?

MICHAEL: Suffering. It’s the taking of any story that is showing up as “my” story. What to “do”? Observe the process of identification rather than “being” it. In other words, simply notice it.

“What is THIS moment like without identifying with/as anything?

I don’t know…

let me BE still/silent and see…” 


Q: What is the best way to suffer? New MJ Awakening Blog
May 3, 2017


Q: What is the best way to suffer?

MICHAEL: Believe your thoughts.

“My belief that life should be…” new MJ Awakening pic quote
January 23, 2017


My belief that life should be/look/feel a certain way in this moment in order for me to be happy is the root of my suffering. -Michael Jeffreys

The weight of identifying as “self” is like walking around wearing… new MJ Awakening Blog
March 21, 2015

weight of self

The weight of identifying as “self” is like walking around wearing a 90lb backpack THAT YOU ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF.

-Michael Jeffreys

“How to SUFFER” new MJ Awakening pic quote
December 26, 2014

mj quote with john butterfly pic




(photo by John Guy Mammoser)

Turn your worries, fears and concerns over to LIFE
December 2, 2013


Suffering can happen when we forget that LIFE very nicely is ALREADY taking care of THIS moment beautifully and much, much, much better than the little ‘me’ in the head ever could.

And so suddenly a new possibility opens up for us… and it begins the moment we turn ‘our worries, fears and concerns,’ which are too heavy and exhausting of a burden for ‘us’ to carry, over to LIFE. And LIFE happily takes them effortlessly from our shoulders without ever breaking stride, for LIFE cannot deny a sincere and humble heart.

~Michael Jeffreys

If I am lost in mind, than I am not home with God
November 19, 2013



The shift for the sincere heart that desires God is from the conceptual self and its endless concepts (limited, dead), to the living Spirit within (unlimited, alive). Its always been there, but as long as the material world has our attention, it remains invisible.

Go within and be silent. Sooner or later something will stir that is not of thought… a silent power… its inherent, causeless peace is unmistakable to the open heart.

~Michael Jeffreys

You are the Love/Awareness (“Table”) that LIFE appears on
July 10, 2013

table with food
YOUR eternal essence is timeless Love/Awareness that has no opposite.

YOU are not a thought, but rather what sees or is aware of all thoughts.

Confusion/suffering happens when we mistake (mis-take; to take in error) a transient thought for who we are.

Imagine a table mistaking itself for the items that are temporarily placed on it!

In fact, looking at the above photo it’s easy to not really notice or be aware of the table because our eye is natural drawn to the food upon it.

Likewise, we become so transfixed with our thoughts that our attention goes right to them and we forget/don’t notice that we are the pure nondual Awareness in which they appear in!

In other words, the table ALWAYS remains the table, regardless of what is or is not on it. Whether its a cherry pie, a leaf, a fork, an arm, a glass of beer, etc., the table always remains 100% table. And it so sweetly holds the food for us, even when we “forget” about the table completely because our attention is on the food.

Similarly, YOU always remain as 100% pure Love/Awareness, regardless of the thoughts, feeling, sensations, emotions, and perceptions that come and go.

–Michael Jeffreys

The heaviest thing you will ever pick up is a THOUGHT… (meditation picture quote)
July 10, 2013

MJ thought quote vista

The Myth of Love
August 31, 2012

The myth of LOVE has caused untold suffering… The myth of LOVE says that you get love by being a good person, by earning it, or by getting the approval/attention of someone you admire. You don’t get LOVE because you are a good person or because you deserve it or because you have earned it. And you don’t get it from another person (nor is it possible for you to actually give it to another!).

Authentic LOVE, the Heart’s LOVE, is within you and nowhere else! “If this is so Michael, than how come I don’t feel it?” Because you have innocently bought into the belief, the conditioning, the programming, the brainwashing that society, advertising, the media, and even from your own parents (and they, innocently, from their parents, etc), that love is something outside yourself that must be earned or given to you by another. That it’s NOT something you already are. This is a lie.

And when you believe this lie, you naturally (and again, innocently) miss the fact that YOU ARE the LOVE you have been seeking. Imagine a river looking for water on land!? ha! Well, that’s exactly what you are doing when you seek love outside yourself. You are going in the opposite direction from where you want to go.

Silently turn within and notice the LOVE that is the inherent aliveness that is looking out your eyes right now. The open heart loves unconditionally and causelessly… It is 100% the conditioned mind that is under the illusion that love must be earned and that it has “good” reasons why some people/things are not loveable.

Why does the mind do this? Because it has been conditioned to believe that love is rare, not abundant and therefore limited, and thus there is only so much to go around. And understandably, when seen from this limiting perspective, the mind rations what it believes to be its own love (but which in fact is only egoic desire and has nothing to do with love!) and tries to hold on to it very tightly and only “gives it” to those people/things it deems worthy.

Again, this is not love at all, but rather judgment and ego. And yes, even the mind’s judgment and ego are totally loveable when the heart is fully and forever busted wide open. Remember, Love loves. Anything else ain’t love.

-Michael Jeffreys

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