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November 12, 2017

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The way the illusion of “selfing” works is thusly: the brain processes information non-stop 24/7 and has to decide what is a threat and what is useful. But to whom is all this info. relevant to??

The answer is to the fictitious, purely mental “me” that I have mistakenly identified myself as. But, where did this “me” come from in the first place? Was it there at birth? No. It didn’t show up until around the age of 1-1 1/2 years old.

Once this sense of a separate self shows up, Consciousness automatically identifies with it, and our suffering/confusion/sense of separation/seeking begins. Thus, awakening is realizing that you, Consciousness, are intrinsically whole and cannot be this sense of separation, regardless of how “real” the illusion may feel/seem. Note that the brain did nothing wrong; if it wasn’t suppose to create this sense of a “false me,” it would not appear to happen.

Remember, an appearance is NOT the actual. The actual is changeless. An appearance changes, and thus cannot be your true nature. The good news is that just because an illusion arises doesn’t mean it can’t be seen through and recognized for what it is; an apparent modification of that which is eternally unmodifiable.

Michael Jeffreys

3 nuclear pointers from Paul Hedderman’s 11/26/16 talk. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 28, 2016


Paul Hedderman 11/26/16

A thought requires an object and spirit is not an object

“Thoughts are attracted to objects. That’s how they can coagulate. They can’t coagulate around no thing. They can’t coagulate around spirit, there’s no defined definition of spirit. They can’t become like layers of saran wrap around no thing, but they can on a thing. Because thoughts are about. So if you had thoughts about spirit it would go no where because there is nothing to think about. But a thought about a body can go on, and on, and on.” -PH

Knowledge is not for you

“All knowledge is about what you’re not, so that you can see that you’re not that. There is no knowledge about what you are, there is being what you are.” -PH

Something happening is an illusion

“How can there be a happening in what’s always happening!?” (laughs) -PH


Q: When I am in my head, lost in a story about the past regarding the way someone treated me, where’s my attention?

A: In what’s not happening. 🙂

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. Here’s a link to Paul’s 37 min. 11/26/16 talk on youtube:

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