How old is NOW? New MJ Awakening Blog
May 10, 2018

stone buddha

Silently meditating/reflecting on a Koan (a question without a definitive answer) stills/quiets the mind…

How old is NOW?

Where does NOW begin and end?

Michael Jeffreys


How can a thought tell you what you are…?? New MJ Awakening pic quote
June 6, 2017

mj thoughts don't know you lightbulb pic quote

How can a thought tell you what you are

when it isn’t even aware of your existence??

Michael Jeffreys

Any other nature being delusion… New MJ Awakening Blog
May 11, 2017

shiva snow moutain

One without a second. Not two. That which is changeless, timeless, and immortal. That which does not come or go. That which is not a thought, idea, opinion or belief. That which does not depend on thought to exist, but which thought depends on to be “known,” since a thought cannot know of its own existence. This is Your only nature; any other nature being delusion.

Michael Jeffreys

“The Light of the Self…” new MJ Awakening pic quote
January 31, 2017


The light of the Self is always available but is not experienced when our attention is on the illusory ego  Michael Jeffreys

Don’t Take the Bait
May 16, 2012

Are you able to sense or notice that the only time the sense of “I” is there is when a THOUGHT is present. No THOUGHT, no “I”! Check for yourself. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. How do you know those times it’s there? A thought informs you. Again, no thought, no you. Yet, YOU are always present!

The reason those who see this clearly can sometimes be seen, like the Buddha, breaking out in spontaneous fits of laughter and giggling is because they have seen the light and they “get” the joke… that you are not what you think and never have been!

Thoughts paint a scenario and then you “believe it” or take it as real or true, (even though it’s just a thought, a wispy sound which no one else has ever heard but you!!!) and like a fish, you swallow it (believe it) hook, line and sinker and when this happens you go for a ride! Don’t take the bait. Just stay silent and enjoy the show!

-Michael Jeffreys

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