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November 11, 2019



The deeper you go into Self-realization, the more you realize being authentic is more important than wanting to be liked. People come and go in your life. One day they like you, the next they don’t.

I think what Byron Katie says holds true here: “What you think of me is none of my business.”

We cannot control what others think of us. However, we can control how AUTHENTIC we’re being in each moment.

Being authentic, to me, simply means you speak from your heart. I notice that when I’m being authentic with someone, I can say pretty much anything and they won’t get offended because they feel it’s not coming from ego/personal agenda.

Rather, it’s coming from love. From the profound realization what we are all in this together. That everyone is doing the best they can in that moment. And most importantly, I am only ever speaking to Myself.

Michael Jeffreys

No ‘one’ has ever been Conscious! New MJ Awakening Blog
November 4, 2019

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It’s not that you are Conscious or that I am Conscious… it’s that there is ONLY Consciousness. 

Michael Jeffreys

Self-Realization: Seeing the One in All. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 23, 2019

self realization


The supreme duty, the real calling of every man and woman as a human being is to realize his Self, to realize the One manifested in all. Among the countless hosts of different creatures of the universe, the human being alone is endowed with the capacity to become aware of his own Divinity, to know THAT which lies concealed within all the infinite forms and shapes and modes of being.

-Anandamayi Ma

MICHAEL: In order to become one pointed on God and forget yourself,
repeat this short, but powerful mantra throughout the day/night as often as possible:




(*And if the word Brahman doesn’t resonate for you, pick one that does. For example: God, Source, Infinite-Intelligence, Life, The-Tao, All-that-is, etc.

Because no word is “it”, any word that points to everything and nothing, that which has no limitation, no qualities, no beginning or ending, will work. Keep repeating, with feeling, until the mind begins to accept it at which point it will begin to quiet down.)

Delighting in the play of Brahman as all forms; From hate to love; Turning the mind inward -Anandamayi Ma. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 21, 2019

Anandamayi MA

Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982)


“I find one vast garden spread out all over the universe. All plants and animals, all human beings, all higher mind-bodies are playing about in this garden in various ways each has its own uniqueness and beauty; their presence and variety give me great delight. Every one of you add with your special feature to the glory of the garden.”

-Anandamayi Ma


“The positive proof that the aspirant is centered in God is that he ceases to hate any person or object, and that good qualities such as love, forgiveness, patience, forbearance go on increasing in him. When this change takes place in an aspirant, he will come to see that the One Brahman pervades each and every form…”

-Anandamayi Ma


“The same mind that identifies itself with the body can be turned towards the Eternal…”

-Anandamayi Ma

MICHAEL: You have forgotten your true identity. Your attention is constantly on the temporary. Put it on what is looking out your eyes, what is ever-present, and remember that is what you are, what you’ve always been.


Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 7, 2019



Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one.

Michael Jeffreys

The finger pointing to the moon has no moon in it. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 30, 2019

finger pointing to moon


Just like the finger pointing to the moon has no moon in it, whatever you see, hear, taste, touch, smell, or think has no “you” in it. You will never find yourself in any appearance because you’re always what is seeing it.

Michael Jeffreys

TRUTH is simple… new MJ Awakening Pointer
August 11, 2018

mj truth is simple

What is AWARE of the reflection in the mirror? New MJ Awakening Pointer
August 9, 2018

old lady body in mirror

If you were really the body, why would you need to look into a mirror to see what you are?

Michael Jeffreys

Is that which is aware of every thought itself a thought? New MJ Awakening Blog
June 4, 2018

red flower

Presence IS and is not attached to thoughts, which come and go.

Presence is timeless… thoughts are time.
Notice this.
Keep silently noticing.
What is aware of every thought that arises?
Is that which is aware of every thought itself a thought?
Michael Jeffreys

“There is no ‘Person-Mind’… there is only thoughts that are arising that have been believed by You to create a dream.” -Nazarah Merah. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 27, 2018

Evolving Self Fragmentation

“I realized that this feeling I’ve always had of being a person, was never the feeling of being a person… I just mistook it as that. It was me all along, me right here, Me… I was always Me, looking for Me outside of Me… but here I was all along, knowing I was Me but thinking that the Me was a person!! How did I miss this?? How did I not notice me, there’s only me, I only ever feel me!!”

-Nita McIntyre

“The ‘Person-Mind’ is just a pointer to point out the thoughts that are creating an illusion of confusion, pain and suffering that were never the truth of what you are. There is no ‘Person-Mind’, there is no separate self…. There is only thoughts that are arising that have been believed by You to create a dream. Stop believing any and all thoughts. Just Be… and the illusion will be revealed.”

-Nazarah Merah


MICHAEL: I found these two quotes from Nita and Nazarah to be particularly direct and powerful in seeing that what you and I think of as being a person, isn’t being a person at all!

The best your mind can ever do is IMAGINE you’re a separate person… but this imagining never actually achieves the status of Reality! You never have actually changed… that’s the illusion… it’s the mind that is confused because it can never become what you ALREADY are… but that doesn’t stop it from trying!!

So funny when you see this…because you go from irritation and annoyance to love and compassion when you see how hard it’s trying to be You, to be immortal, to be Reality.

It’s YOU (The One Infinite) pretending/thinking/imaging what it would be like to be a person!!! There is a night and day difference between imagining you’re a separate person and actually being a separate person. Noticing this one distinction can make all the difference. You’ll know when you see this clearly because as Nazarah says, it’s soooooo shocking!!?

One moment you’re trying so hard to “get it right,” and the next you are stunned as you realize there never was a person. It’s all You pretending… everything is YOU AS THAT!!! This is why (imo) Nazarah is always laughing… because you are constantly amazed at everything YOU appear to do in this wild and crazy dream… it’s ALL YOU. That’s the Cosmic joke!!  

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