IMPERMANENCE: Why trying to hold on to anything creates suffering. New MJ Awakening Blog
May 3, 2019



Trying to hold on to anything, good or bad, creates suffering. Why? Because everything that arises is impermanent. It’s temporary. Like a cloud in the sky or a soap bubble. There’s nothing there but an impermanent image that soon transforms/morphs into a different impermanent image all by itself.

What do all images, thoughts, feelings, sensations, in fact every object that appears in our Consciousness have in common? They’re empty. They have no inherent existence. No core. No solidity.

Which means that the thought/image is as real as you believe it to be, because you are what’s feeding it, giving it power, illuminating it. Like a neon sign needs power to illuminate, your thoughts need you attention to seem real.

You could just as easily lose interest in the thought /image and it will literally disappear/dissolve away. How can it do that? Because it was never really there as a reality, as a real thing. It was only ever an imagine in your mind.

Michael Jeffreys


We DEFINE ourselves into separation. New MJ Awakening Blog
June 19, 2018


The illusion of separation comes about via believing words.

We define ourselves into separation.  

Michael Jeffreys



OSWALDO: “Truly I tell you, this miserable Samsara is held together by nothing.” -Ribhu Gita

MICHAEL: Yes. the illusion is in believing the words… as soon as words are believed, we have defined ourselves into illusory separation. I am this, not that, etc.

OSWALDO: Nama-rupa. When the word is taken as the form
language turns the blob of energy into chunks and then boom the entire samsara appears.

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