“Me” imagines it knows this and that… it feels so real… New MJ Nonduality blog
June 13, 2022

The “me” imagines it knows this and that… it feels so real… but actually nothing is truly knowable… all is imagined… by no one… the bodies are empty… there’s no actual me inside any of the bodies… but again, it can feel like there is… that’s the feeling of separation… me and the world… this is suffering… duality… two… subject and object… that’s an illusion cuz there is no separation anywhere… all is one undivided wholeness… ❤️



“I searched for God and found only myself…” -Rumi. New MJ Awakening Meditation
October 15, 2018

rumi i searched for god

There is no getting to SILENCE. New MJ Awakening Pointer
August 15, 2018

there is a voice that doesnt use words rumi

Every moment you’re not thinking, you ARE Silence. And in Silence, there are no words, which means there are no problems, no fears, no anxiety, no criticisms, no judgments, no nothing. Just Silence.

“Oh, this is just escapism…” says the mind. Blah, blah, blah… more mind noise, more “not Silence.”

You can’t think your way to Silence.

You can only BE Silence.

“Oh, but it’s not easy to quiet the mind.” Blah, blah, blah… more noise. “But I have responsibilities that require thinking…” Blah, blah, blah…

Being Silence means being Silence and nothing else.

-michael jeffreys


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