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May 8, 2020



“One of the big wake up moments is to see one’s own beliefs. I can’t emphasize how important and significant that is, to understand what a belief is. A belief is when you are certain about something and you really have very little ground to be certain about it, and yet you are.”

-Roger Castillo

MICHAEL: We get into trouble when we forget our beliefs are simply a belief, and hold them (consciously or unconsciously) as if they are the absolute truth.

A belief is a single perspective, one particular angle, that never contains all the info. and thus is inherently incomplete and therefore not the truth.

Keeping this in mind helps us hold our beliefs lightly and not take them so seriously. The benefit of this is that we are then open to others perspectives instead of being closed off which is what happens when we mistakenly cling to our beliefs as if they are the truth. The fact that beliefs are subject to change (usually upon learning new info.) also reminds us that they are not set in stone.

For deep reflection:

“In this moment, do I need a belief to exist?”

“If thinking happens, there must be a thinker. That’s the presupposition.”-ROGER CASTILLO… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 29, 2017

going around in circles in your head

“The fact that questioning happens, from the perspective of the belief in personal doership means that if a question arises, there must be a questioner. If thinking happens, there must be a thinker. That’s the presupposition.” -Roger Castillo

MICHAEL JEFFREYS: So for example, if an image/memory of the past arises, there is an (uninvestigated) assumption that there is presently “someone” here who 1) somehow made that thought arise, and/or 2) a separate, independent, real entity to whom that past image applies/refers/belongs too.

But is this true? Or is this a life-long (uninvestigated) habitual belief and the source of my suffering? That I am taking myself to be something I am not… a separate, independent doer/entity?

In other words, while it may feel/seem to be this way, is it actually true? Or, is this feeling/sense of being a separate doer just that, a feeling and sense, but no more… this is what must be earnestly investigated.

Specifically, here is what the “me” doesn’t want you to STOP and NOTICE here/now: (And why it’s constantly distracting you with an endless parade of stories/problems/circumstances that you need to constantly “deal with,” so that the following WILL NOT become breathtakingly apparent)

The “me”(time) is built upon a presupposition that doesn’t exist in Realty (timeless).

Until this presupposition is clearly/directly seen/noticed, the “me” goes about business as usual, i.e., avoiding pain and seeking pleasure within the apparent dream of separation.

PRESUPPOSE (dictionarydotcom)
verb (used with object), presupposed, presupposing.
1. to suppose or assume beforehand; take for granted in advance.
2. (of a thing, condition, or state of affairs) to require or imply as an antecedent condition: An effect presupposes a cause.


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