SILENCE is death to the mind. New MJ Awakening Pointer
August 31, 2018

enjoy the silence

SILENCE is death to the mind. Keep being SILENT. Why? Because you realize you don’t know anything about SILENCE because you’ve been listening to thought, one after the other, almost non-stop, your entire LIFE.

Mind will resist this with everything its got and claim that this is not practical, that you need it to function. Call its bluff and see for yourself that it’s not true and never was. Thought does not move you, LIFE does. Thought doesn’t do anything, LIFE does/is all.

But if you keep thinking, you will never see/experience this. Keep practicing being SILENT. As unpleasant/uncomfortable thoughts and feelings arise, allow them to be freely purged from the system. That the mind fights so hard to avoid SILENCE is your clue that it wants to stay in control, even if 100% illusory.

There is no peace in mind because there are no peace in words. SILENCE is. Be SILENT.

michael jeffreys

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