“Me” imagines it knows this and that… it feels so real… New MJ Nonduality blog
June 13, 2022

The “me” imagines it knows this and that… it feels so real… but actually nothing is truly knowable… all is imagined… by no one… the bodies are empty… there’s no actual me inside any of the bodies… but again, it can feel like there is… that’s the feeling of separation… me and the world… this is suffering… duality… two… subject and object… that’s an illusion cuz there is no separation anywhere… all is one undivided wholeness… ❤️


NKOSI: Unknowable Everything… including ‘The Knower’ – New MJ Nonduality blog
June 8, 2021


There is only the unknown appearing as a knower. There is just what’s appearing and it cannot be known cuz there is no one to know it.

What seems to be the knower is already the unknown appearing as the knower. Therefore, no one can know the unknown cuz there is only the unknown.


MICHAEL: Undivided Wholeness appearing as everything includes ‘me’ feeling quite sure I know something, not the least of which ‘I exist/I am.’ And yet, what does Love/Wholeness/Everything need to know?

So ‘me’ is free to know or not know anything. This doesn’t mind at all… because This is All.

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