You, Reality, have no ego. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 18, 2019

clear tea pot


“The ego is always looking for some benefit for itself. For example, “I must be respected, loved, or recognized.” Whenever your ego experiences hurt, it is due to a lack of understanding. Ego is the problem for you, so let it die. If it dies, it is for the best. It is the Illusion that dies. If the ego dies, then only He, the Reality, remains.”

-Sri Ranjit Maharaj

MICHAEL: Space is impersonal as it’s everywhere. It has no owner. So the space inside an object is the same space outside an object, with the walls of the object creating an illusory boundary since it’s all one space. But imagine if a pot thought that the spaceĀ inside it was “its” space? That it had to protect this important space and not let anything happen to “its” space. Imagine how much suffering this one mistaken notion would bring it.

This is what the ego does. It claims ownership of that which it does not own. It is a phantom. In Reality it doesn’t exist. See that the ego was never more than a persistent idea, that it’s never been You, and be done with it.

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