Michael Jeffreys “Realizing YOU are already formless and free.” 7-15-20 Satsang video
July 17, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Realizing YOU are already formless and free.” 7-15-20 Satsang


1. YOU are timeless and formless!!
Identifying as a form, any form, is a limitation
and thus unnatural and therefore uncomfortable.

2. All forms are limited (because they have boundaries).


Therefore if you want to be truly free
you have to become formless. How?
By realizing that you’ve never been a form.

3. “If you hold on to the form then you’ll pick up the limitations of that form.” -Mooji

But it’s not so easy because you’re already convinced you’re a form! It’s the most powerful belief that you have, that you’re a “something.”

4. The problem for the seeker is he’s seeking freedom AS A “FORM.” Now how can something that’s a form, that has limitations, be UNLIMITED? It can’t. So the only solution must be that you’re ALREADY UNLIMITED, but you don’t know it. “You are what you seek.”

5. Your suffering is your grace because the suffering can get so intense that you give up (dissolve).

6. Self-realization isn’t a doing… “you” can’t “do” unlimited.

7. The important point here is, you’ve NEVER been an object. So it’s not like you’re this me that has to become free. You’re freedom that has been hypnotized by a dream of limitation.

8. All forms are limited. All forms are born and die. That’s why if we take ourselves as ANYTHING, sooner or later we suffer.

9. Part of the me’s seeking includes wanting approval, i.e. outside validation. So when you believe you’re an object, then you want approval from other objects.

10. Everything in the phenomenal world is a limitation. You are unlimited. What’s unlimited going to do with limitation?

11. If freedom is what you say you truly want in your heart of hearts, then that’s it. It doesn’t matter what the mind says–you’re only interested in freedom, period.

12. ALAN: “And as you said last week, which I love, is that Freedom is always here, now… always.

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