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February 25, 2018

heart centered leadership

“The leaders have to be very authentic and open with themselves and in expressing in that way. So that’s the new type of leadership that we’re embodying.

A lot of the beings I see that are a part of this, they’re already heart centered beings; a lot of times it’s really about stepping into a new level of confidence within themselves and trusting themselves.

So, it’s not just like, ‘oh, I’m so confident.’ It’s just about trusting your heart, trusting what’s coming through your heart each moment, and you’re letting that guide you. And so that’s what we are moving into, heart centered leadership.”

-Nazarah Merah

Facebook Question

TOM: Michael, how would you say acceptance of “not knowing” relates to what Nazarah is saying here? Thanks.

MICHAEL: Hi Tom. Mind is fear based, heart is love based. “Not knowing” opens up the space so the heart can come in. If you go straight to mind, you by-pass the heart and thus are stuck in a self made, fear based, imaginary world.

It’s when the wave wakes up and remembers it’s the ocean that its allegiance shifts automatically from thinking in terms of being an individual, separate wave, to now knowing itself in terms of literally being the whole ocean.

Thus, our actions, words and deeds (whether or not we are consciously aware of it), always reflect where we are coming from every second… head or heart, fear or love, me or we.


Your country, language, religion, age, color, matter not! Consciousness is the same consciousness in all beings. New MJ Awakening Blog
June 25, 2017


It doesn’t matter what country you come from, what language you speak, or what your religion is or isn’t. It doesn’t matter your age, whether you’re 5, 19, 48, 73 or 99! It doesn’t matter whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, green, purple or blue!

Consciousness is the same consciousness in all beings. It’s what’s looking out all beings eyes, whether they realize it or not. If you go to mind, you will be in whatever belief system/political culture your mind-body believes/was raised in.

But, Truth, ever-present Consciousness, is the same One in All and is inherently free of all qualities, needs, desires or limits. Its eternal nature is peace, regardless of the comings and goings of temporary circumstances.

Michael Jeffreys

SEPARATION is an idea that when believed in/identified with automatically brings suffering… new MJ Awakening Blog
December 28, 2015


EVERYTHING is God, which leaves nothing out, including You. Seeing/realizing this is the end of the notion of separation.

SEPARATION is an idea that when believed in/identified with automatically brings suffering. Why? Because while on the surface things may appear to be “different,” in Reality nothing is separate from ALL that IS.

“Every effect is the cause, as THAT.” -Swami Chinmayananda

This is why talking about or “believing” in Oneness doesn’t work. Because an intellectual understanding doesn’t go deep enough, is not potent enough, doesn’t have enough juice to “do the business.” You have to see/realize it with every cell of your being. It’s deeper than thought… it’s a direct “knowing.”

When this happens, a release or feeling of relaxation can happen resulting in an experience of “traveling lighter,” as Paul Hedderman says.

-Michael Jeffreys

ALL that IS… new MJ Awakening Pic Quote
August 19, 2015

all there is mj pic quote

The mind attempts to limit… (meditation picture quote)
February 17, 2014

MJ mind attempts to limit zen stones

The illusion is that if you don’t like something you can’t be HAPPY! (meditation picture quote)
December 13, 2013

MJ quote and happy puppy

Stillness has no story to tell or defend (picture meditation quote)
December 8, 2013

MJ stillness quote purple flower

Love is incapable of judging… Ego is an expert (meditation picture quote)
November 12, 2013

mj love is incapable of judging pic quote

Let LOVE lead the way
September 26, 2013

love in sand


Let LOVE lead the way. Ego leading is like a blind man in the forest… it can only guess at the next step and its chances of bumping into something it doesn’t like are a constant “problem.”

LOVE puts the stars in the sky, causes the rivers to flow, the sun to shine, your heart to beat, your eyes to blink, your lungs to breath air, and this very moment to appear!

Instead of “me” (ego) arrogantly (but innocently) informing the spontaneous moment what should or should not be happening (which only leads to suffering, sooner or later), LOVE fully embraces the moment as it as, without thought. When nothing is demanded, ALL simply IS. Let LOVE lead the way.

~Michael Jeffreys

EVERYTHING is happening in YOU
September 23, 2013

everything from nothing cropped

EVERYTHING is happening in YOU. The sounds, voices, pictures, images, sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. Even these words… the voice you hear right now in the head is happening in YOU, not me! A bird’s chirp or a car’s horn… all appearing in YOU spontaneously.

There is nothing that is not you and yet, paradoxically, stunningly, nothing is you. You are both here and not here. To the mind, this makes no sense which is why trying to “figure this out” doesn’t work. It’s like using a can opener to explain water… both are 100% appearances, so neither can explain the other. We must go deeper… past all appearances to their silent source… and rest in/as that… where nothing is “known,” yet all emanates from.

–Michael Jeffreys

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