That which is Birthless/Deathless appears illusorily in the form of the world… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 3, 2019

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“Nothing whatever is born or dies anywhere at any time. It is Brahman alone appearing illusorily in the form of the world.”  

-Yoga Vasishtha Sara

MICHAEL: To the mind this makes no sense because the mind IS duality, and as such can only see things in terms of separation. In other words, everything being THE ONE (a/k/a Brahman) simply doesn’t compute to the mind.

Thus, Self-Realization is not for the mind since it cannot be figured out or understood intellectually. Something in you either “groks” the eternal Truth or doesn’t. But either way, you’re still not, nor have you ever been, other than THAT.

“Your consciousness of yourself as existing, is God being conscious of Itself existing as you.” -Marie S. Watts… New MJ Awakening Blog
October 22, 2017

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“Your consciousness of yourself as existing, is God being conscious of Itself existing as you.” -Marie S. Watts

MICHAEL: This one is profoundly deep. If you go to thought you have no chance. Best to just sit with it and see if something clicks.

Separation is an illusion… new MJ Awakening pic quote
May 29, 2015

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Is LIGHT separate from the SUN?
May 20, 2013



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Is LIGHT separate from the SUN? No! Light is an extension of the sun, just as you and I are an extension of the ONE Creator, God, Infinite. To argue this is to say that you created yourself, i.e., that the Sun’s Light created itself. It is a denial of Source. The Sun’s rays can deny the Sun all it wants… and yet this denial is only possible thanks to the Sun itself! No Sun, no Sun’s rays to argue naught.

-Michael Jeffreys

From Separation to ONEness
September 21, 2012

There is no separate you, period. ALL is life. Take a step backward… and another…and another, and another, etc. until there’s absolutely nothing left of “you.”

When that buzzing energetic resistance to THIS MOMENT dies, (like the battery is stone dead) suddenly, instantaneously and effortlessly, all that is left is ONEness.

Valerie has beautifully captured in the words below what I am experiencing. (Yaaaa Synergy!!:) ♥

-Michael Jeffreys

“Falling slowly into oneness, the me I know is melting away..
And with that emerges my true self, the spirit of beginning, of ending, of transformation.

I am leaving all that I think I know myself to be behind.
And embrace the feeling of this moment.. Infinity.”

-Valerie Elster

If it’s all ONE, than it’s ALL You
June 13, 2012

Instead of believing that you are separate from God and trying to find or reconnect with “him/her/it,” what if you are God, and the only thing that keeps you from knowing this to be so as your direct experience are believed in thoughts of doubt and insecurity?

When those beliefs are seen thru, only God remains! … untouchable and invulnerable. Beyond perfect. How powerful are you? You breath life into an inanimate thought merely by believing/saying it is so! And you also have the power to stop believing a thought. If it’s all ONE, than it’s ALL You. You playing ALL the roles. There is nothing that is NOT you! Fear arises when you forget that ALL is YOU. And if ALL is YOU, what can harm YOU?

-Michael Jeffreys

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