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November 9, 2022


Ever untouched by any perspective, yet IS all perspectives…

At rest, yet always moving…

Neither starting nor stopping…

Neither big nor little…

Neither here nor there…

Everywhere, yet nowhere…

Unfindable everything…

As much the silence as the sound…



Michael-Dan-Nkosi: All is This… and This is Unknowable. 6-22-22 Nonduality video
June 22, 2022

Michael-Dan-Nkosi: All is This… and This is Unknowable. 6-22-22 Nonduality

NKOSI: Everything’s an expression of This… so everything’s beautiful. ~ New MJ Nonduality blog
March 11, 2022

“Everything is an expression of This. Keeping quiet or talking doesn’t matter… cuz everything’s This. Thinking or not thinking… it doesn’t really matter… cuz everything’s This.

Doing or not doing… it doesn’t really matter cuz everything’s This. So everything’s beautiful just the way it IS.”


Michael & Nkosi: “No you… nothing to know… just This… already.” 11-3-21 Nonduality video
November 4, 2021

Michael & Nkosi: “No you… nothing to know… just This… already.” 11-3-21 Nonduality

“If all is This… then who’s seeking for This? So, already, already, the one who seems to be seeking is already This.”


MICHAEL: What seems to be a separate you is actually This… already. This imagining it’s separate from This. And what This is can’t be said or known… yet it’s all that IS.

This appears as Everything, yet when looked for it cannot be found.

“Stories are just floating by… but they don’t mean anything… they’re just stories.”


LIFE = MYSTERY, MYSTERY = LIFE… this is Non-Movement appearing as Movement. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 17, 2020


The idea that “I” know what is right, and that others need to do this, and that “I” know what is wrong, and others need to not do this, is “I’s” dream of delusion and imaginary self-importance.

No one has ever done anything. There’s simply what’s happening. Non-Movement appearing as Movement. Emptiness appearing as Fullness. Nothing appearing as Everything. Formless appearing as Form. Without cause or reason. THAT is the unfathomable miracle right in front of you this very moment, every moment, that is obscured by this relentless obsession with “me.”

-Michael Jeffreys

Michael Jeffreys “You’ve never been a ME.” 11-4-20 Satsang video
November 5, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “You’ve never been a ME.” 11-4-20 Satsang

“The less you, the happier you are.”-Michael

Michael Jeffreys “All there IS is Wholeness/The Beloved disguised as Everything.” 9-23-20 Satsang video
September 24, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “All there IS is Wholeness/The Beloved disguised as Everything.” 9-23-20 Satsang


All is Wholeness/The Beloved.

The seeker is a phantom. It’s the illusion of separation. And that seeker… there’s no hope for that one. The seeker is hopeless. Because if everything is Wholeness, where are you going to seek for Wholeness?… if there’s only Wholeness?

Wholeness can appear as anything and yet is never not Whole. This can’t be figured out by the mind. It’s a silent, still, intuitive resonance… for no one.

JOAN: Are you talking about ownership?

MICHAEL: There is no one there to own. There is no owner of anything. The idea that there is is called suffering. The me, which doesn’t exist, imagines it does exist, and it’s an owner, and a claimer, and a seeker. And all those are false. If it doesn’t exist, how can it own anything?

So you can’t let go of guilt. You can’t let go of shame. You can’t let go of all of these qualities. Why? Because you were never able to hold them! There’s no “you” there to hold them, so how are you going to let go of them?

“Could it be an assumption that you’re a me?”

This is like TNT. This is dynomite. This just obliterates the entire notion… it’s saying that all there is is the Beloved. And the Beloved is appearing as Everything; every form, every sound, every image.

Everything you think you’ve ever done was the Beloved moving through you. And however it turned out is exactly how it turned out. But no one did it.

THIS is IT! And it’s overlooked. So as long as you’re identified as the me, this moment will never be enough. Why? Because the me is seeking energy. It can’t see this as Wholeness because then the me is out of job, it’s done, it’s finished.

So to keep the dream of separation going, it can keep inventing new paths, new goals to get to. It’s endless. And it’s all an illusion because you’re not doing any of it. It’s doing everything; every movement, every breath, every hair… every molecule… it’s the dance, it’s the play. And it has no meaning, no purpose… it’s not going anywhere.

That’s the thing about this. There’s no path. And it’s saying this is what you’ve been looking for. It’s been right here in front of you the whole time. It’s hitting you in the face, but because you’re seeking, you miss it.

Zoom Satsang w/ Michael 8-12-20, Weds., 6pm (pst)
August 9, 2020

satsang goddess cartoon 4

What speaks the words heard? What hears them? Nothing… no thing. There isn’t any “thing.” -Jim Newman

Michael Jeffreys is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. (For those drawn to the nondual message.)

Topic: Satsang w/ Michael
Time: Aug 12, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Free Worldwide online Satsang w/ Michael Jeffreys, Feb 9, 2020, Sun., 6:00 PM (pst)
February 5, 2020

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Free Worldwide Online Satsang with Michael Jeffreys
Time: Feb 9, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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And for those that missed it, here is the video from our previous online Satsang 1-26-20:

The Paradox of Awakening… New MJ Awakening Blog
January 17, 2020

paradox legos


Awakening is the seeing that the apparent individual,
the one who wants to awaken, never existed. So in that
sense, no one ever awakens.

Michael Jeffreys

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