Turn the MIND away from OBJECTS. New MJ Awakening Blog
September 16, 2019

Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj (1888-1936)


“Your mind is engrossed in the objects created by Illusion (Maya). This includes even the body. As long as your mind is involved in Maya you have the concepts of “you” and “I.” The whole struggle in Illusion is because you want the body only to get what the mind considers to be “good.”

Because you devote your mind to this struggle, the world exists. Because there are students, there are teachers. If the students go away, for whom is the teacher? Because there is objective knowledge, “you” exist. How can the Lord pervade the body in which “you” (the ego) have taken residence? How can one sheath contain two swords?

How can God occupy that place where “I” is? To those who aspire to attain Brahman, can worthless objects be useful? You should not even think of Illusion as being good or bad. This is what is called detachment. When everything from an atom to Lord Brahma, and all wealth and prosperity is false, how can it be good or bad?

When the mental inclination turns away from worldly desires, it naturally turns towards the Self. How can one who thinks of objects all the time get the “Knowledge of Brahman”?

-Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj



Am I this BODY, yes or no? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 13, 2019

blue car cartoon


Am I my car or do I have a car?

Am I my body or do I have a body?

I am 100% certain I am not my car, but am I 100% certain I am not this body?

Michael Jeffreys


p.s. “Happiness is not to be found in this illusory world. It is to be found in you because you are the Source of happiness. You do not know that You are Almighty God. Directly, or indirectly, you are considering yourself to be the body-form. The body-form is not your identity at all.

When the body eventually expires, dissolves or disappears, the known will dissolve back into the unknown. There will not be any trace of your identity left. Where will your pain, or depression be then? Who wants peace? Who wants a tension-free life? Who wants a fearless life?

All these requirements exist because life in the body is, in fact, unstable and unbearable.”

-Sri Ramakant Maharaj



Where do LABELS come from? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 11, 2019



The Earth does not call itself the Earth.
Stars do not call themselves Stars.
The Sky does not call itself the Sky.
Mountains do not call themselves Mountains.
The Ocean does not call itself the Ocean.
Trees do not call themselves Trees.
Birds do not call themselves Birds.
Dogs do not call themselves Dogs.
Insects do not call themselves Insects.
Sound does not call itself Sound.
An Arm does not call itself an Arm.
A Leg does not call itself a Leg.
Feelings do not call themselves Feelings.
Pain does not call itself Pain.
Fear does not call itself Fear.
Love does not call itself Love.
Silence does not call itself Silence.

What is it that labels anything?


-Michael Jeffreys

You, the One Seeing the mystery, is the mystery. -GP Walsh… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 9, 2019


The One
Seeing the mystery
Is the mystery.

-GP Walsh

MICHAEL: 9 simple words that have the power to awaken one from the dream of separation. From “me and other,” to You, Mystery seeing Itself… and realizing that’s all that’s been going on this entire time in all its infinite permutations. Endlessly fresh, new, and mysterious… all of it… even what is observing it.


That which is Birthless/Deathless appears illusorily in the form of the world… New MJ Awakening Blog
September 3, 2019

OM orange

“Nothing whatever is born or dies anywhere at any time. It is Brahman alone appearing illusorily in the form of the world.”  

-Yoga Vasishtha Sara

MICHAEL: To the mind this makes no sense because the mind IS duality, and as such can only see things in terms of separation. In other words, everything being THE ONE (a/k/a Brahman) simply doesn’t compute to the mind.

Thus, Self-Realization is not for the mind since it cannot be figured out or understood intellectually. Something in you either “groks” the eternal Truth or doesn’t. But either way, you’re still not, nor have you ever been, other than THAT.

As Reality doesn’t change, what am I… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 28, 2019

mj Reality doesn't change

As much as we try, there are no words… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 25, 2019

as much as we try

ONE ENERGY appearing as EVERYTHING. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 22, 2019



Because the word God is so laden with concepts, it may be more helpful to think of everything as Energy. Literally everything. No exception.

So the body, skin, blood, bones, organs, eyes, ears, thoughts, thinking, stories, imagination, feelings, emotions, sensations, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, people, conversation between two people, animals, insects, noises, walls, floors, buildings, water, fire, stars, the sky, earth, the internet, your computer, Facebook, that which is typing these words, that which is reading these words, and the words themselves, all Energy.

Even the “me” that you think you are is actually energy whose quality is that of a sense of separation/autonomy/control, i.e., an energy of “Meing.”

So all apparent forms are nothing but Energy… One Energy dancing in infinite ways. No you, no me, no I, no other… just One Energy expressing however it’s expressing. That’s the great unfathomable and undefinable Mystery. And that’s all that’s ever “happening”… Nothing appearing as Everything.

-Michael Jeffreys

TIME comes from the sense of separation. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 20, 2019

separate self is time


“Everything is new, everything is aliveness when there’s no sense of a ‘you’ that’s filtering everything…

But that whole sense of time actually comes from the sense of being separate. When it falls away it’s so obvious there’s no time. There’s no past, there’s no present and there’s no future. There’s no now. What’s the now?

Because if there’s a now, that means there’s something behind it… where’s the boundary at? I mean if this is the present, where’s the boundary on the past and when does the future start?”

-Kenneth Madden


Nonduality: Intellectual Understanding vs Direct Experience. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 28, 2019

knife in electric socket


Intellectual understanding is when your mother tells you when you’re a kid not to put any metal objects into an electric socket because you’ll get shocked. Direct experience is when your mother is not around and you go ahead and stick a knife into the electric socket and get knocked on your ass as your whole body receives a powerful and painful white hot jolt of unforgiving electricity.

With the former, your understanding was conceptual. It had not penetrated your being. But with the latter, no words are ever again necessary because now you know from direct experience the dangers of sticking a fork or knife into an electric socket.

The same is true for Nonduality. You can read dozens of books and watch hundreds of youtube videos on Nonduality, but your understanding will remain intellectual. You understand that the “me” is an illusion, but only as a concept. And thus you find you’re still suffering. And so you look for another video, hoping the next one will do the trick.

But the truth is until you actually see this for yourself, the suffering will continue because the “me” hasn’t been fully realized to be a phantom. It seems like it’s there, but when looked for can never be found. And that’s the key, you have to actually look for this “me.” Meaning, the next time you’re suffering, instead of trying to think of a way out, you hit the pause button and take time to actually look for the one who claims to be suffering. I mean really look!

You’re looking for the entity inside you that claims to be suffering or annoyed or hurt or upset or whatever. Because if you can’t actually find it, i.e., there’s literally nothing there (and you’re willing to be honest with what you actually find… or don’t find in this case), then the whole thing collapses as the house of cards it actually is. This is the practice of “self-inquiry” in action. But few actually do it, and yet it’s the key to ending this business of seeking once and for all.

You have to actually do the looking for yourself (no one can do it for you), which is direct experience and goes deeper than just intellectually agreeing with the concept that there’s no “me.”

Michael Jeffreys

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