ALL IS THIS… SO NOTHING IS “YOU” New MJ Nonduality blog
November 17, 2021

“So already you’re not a character in This… that’s just an appearance in This… in what you are. Any question arising right now it arises from This… it doesn’t arise from you.

It doesn’t appear from the character… it arises from This cuz there’s only This…. This is nothing appearing.”


MICHAEL: All thoughts arise from This, not “you.” All feelings arise from This, not “you.” All sensations arise from This, not “you.” All sounds arise from This, not “you.”

All images arise from This, not “you.” In fact, there’s never been a “you”… only This… nothing spontaneously appearing as everything… for no one.

“This appearing as That…” New MJ Nonduality blog
November 15, 2021


All is This includes literally everything. Anything you can think of is already This, cuz there’s only This. And so even what seems to be thinking about This is This… thus there’s no escape. However, there’s already no one who could escape, cuz there isn’t anyone, cuz there’s only This.

Whatever it may seem to look or feel like, no matter how personal or real or “yours” it may seem/feel… that exact feeling… THAT EXACT FEELING… is already This, appearing as That.


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