“…how deep are you willing to see the fact that absolutely no thought is true?” – Sri Summairu. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 22, 2017

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MICHAEL: I cannot recommend this post by Sri Summairu on authentic Self-Realization highly enough. For the earnest one whose heart yearns for Liberation and only Liberation above all else, these words will bring clarity and peace.

Because we are all the Truth that IS and ever will be, all the mind can ever do is present the false! The false pretending to be the truth. False thoughts chasing false thoughts. How can there be anything but confusion?

How to see that there is no truth in any thought? (Again, because You are already all the Truth there IS and there is no other “truth” to be had, gained, or possessed!)

Sri Summairu recommends 1) Resting in/as silence. Or 2) Questioning every thought.

Whichever practice feels more natural in the moment. But, and here’s the key: you should be doing one practice or the other non-stop so that you are always in Satsang. That’s the key and it’s what most don’t do and it’s why so few actually awaken.

Lastly, I suggest reading slowly. Stop after each sentence and if what is being pointed to isn’t clear to you, go back and read the sentence again and ponder it. (And if the meaning of a word isn’t clear to you, be sure to look it up.) The secret is to keep soaking in what’s being communicated until it’s recognized silently within You as You. Amen.

Sri Summairu’s most auspicious post:




– Sri Summairu 

Everyone can get a sense that thought is illusion, but how deep are you willing to see the fact that absolutely no thought is true?

Are we realizing that a perspective is also thought? All perspectives are thought, experience is thought, everything that comes out your mouth is thought. What is your experience without describing it? Is there even an experience? How would you know without thought?

All experiences, view-points, reference-points are thoughts; your emotions are thought about, your five senses are thought about. What would you know of any of these without the thoughts that describe them? How can you describe your experience without a thought?

Seriously look deeply into this. If you cannot describe your experience without thought then what is your experience? How can you have an experience of your own if there was no way to describe your experience? How will you know your experience if you’re not describing it? Yes, it seems to appear but the more you dig into it, the more you see the falseness of it.

The truth is that everything you’re minding seems to create a reality of that existence. Existence doesn’t exist on its own separate from mind. Existence exists for the mind only. Existence, however it is appearing, is appearing like that, to mind alone.

What do you know of existence when not referring to a thought? Nothing. You literally and fully know nothing at all when you are seeing through the falseness of thought.

That doesn’t mean that you are now knowing nothing. How would you know if you’re knowing nothing? You cannot know that you are knowing nothing unless the thought that “I know nothing” is thought.

Everything worldly and spiritual are all thoughts. Everything you can describe is false. All images and color are false. What do you know of colors, forms, borders, separate objects, seeing this or that without the descriptions of those things?

Yes, those things seem to appear but if not touched with thought then it becomes similar to what happens when you question and investigate anything that seems to appear.

Who are you, have you found it yet when you go looking for it? All you find is thought, feelings, sensations, images in the mind, etc. But even these ideas that apparently get found can be examined.

Can you find a thought? Where is it? In the brain; where in the brain? Between the ears somewhere? Where exactly is it? Can you grab it and hold it? As soon as you go to grab at it, it’s gone. Where did it go? Was it even there? If it was there then why can’t you find it now? Emotions, feelings, sensations, etc, all these are the same way.

There is only 99.9% space here and you will never get a hold of or find the .001% because what seems to appear can only apear in the same manner that dream stuff appears.

Try to grab some dream stuff and pull it outside of the dream state and into the wake state instead. The dream state is not real, so how can you grab something solid in it? The wake state is similar.

How can you grab what appears to be solid in the wake state and bring it to the dream state or bring it outside of the wake state into some other state? None of this is actually solid, physical or made of matter. It just appears as if it is, in the same way that a dream appears as a real reality while it’s unfolding.

Truth cannot even be thought about, let alone be spoken. Truth cannot be imagined; cannot be imaged. Truth cannot be perceived or realized. Truth cannot be had. The Truth cannot even be known or understood. You cannot grab a hold of truth.

Only the truth knows what is true but it only knows what is true by way of seeing what is not true. What is not true? The False. The false is absolutely everything that is known, so how will you know truth when you come in contact with only truth and truth alone?

In other words, truth doesn’t stand out to itself. Truth doesn’t think about itself to itself, except through the mind, which truth realizes is false.

Truth is always and already the case, it needs not process itself or know itself. False stands out to truth because false is not what truth is.

To truth, everything is truth, so there is not an everything, there is only truth. False pretends that truth can be known and that truth can be realized or understood.

Only the false can be known, realized and understood as false. That’s how truth is known, by way of seeing through what is false and it all comes down to thought. Everything is mind. You are never knowing or coming in contact with anything but mind.

Mind is just thoughts. Thoughts that look like perspectives, beliefs, opinions, concepts, ideas, intellect, sharings, communication, senses, taste, hearing, touch, feelings, emotions, sight, images, things, objects, forms, physicality, consciousness, processing, functioning, reflection, differences, similarities, familiarity, memories, events, happenings, experiences, etc.

All these aspects of mind refer to each other, in such an automatic and habitual manner that the whole of the mind goes unquestioned, which offers the illusion that thoughts looking at other thoughts is an actual world; but it’s just a mind-world. The whole of duality is mind; the whole of the entire wake state is mind (which includes your whole spiritual unfoldment and absolutely every spiritual realization you have ever had or ever will have), or simply put; thoughts referring to other thoughts, but without thought letting itself in on the realization that it’s all thoughts.

Without mind nothing is known and not even nothing is known. In other words, you’re not “knowing that you know nothing” but that’s as close as the mind can get. The original home of the mind to remain in “I don’t know”.

Hence, it’s extremely important that everything about the mind, all aspects, are questioned, examined, inquired, not assumed, not taking at face value, etc… or stay quiet, let thoughts go, be as silence is, meditate on stillness, don’t follow mind, stop trying to understand, drop all knowledge, be aware or witness mind without getting involved, etc.

Those two practices, whichever one feels relevant in you based on the aliveness of your moment, are required. The more you are involved in practice, the more direct and quicker your path will unfold and the deeper the falseness will be realized, understood and known.

Dedication to truth─giving your life to truth─is not some words that are thrown around; it’s a daily and lived action. If you are truly dedicated to truth then your participation with truth and actions towards truth will be aligned with how dedicated you actually are.

Stop bullshitting yourself. I know you want the easy way out of falseness but there isn’t one. Grace comes to those who make themselves available for truth to reveal itself. You make yourself available through one of the two practices above.

Make these practices part of your daily living, until it’s a constant. In other words, until you literally are practicing one or the other in every moment. That’s what it takes, if you want to know the fastest and most direct route to the abidance of irreversible Self-realization.

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