“You’ve Never Done Anything… You’re Being Done.” New MJ Awakening Blog
November 7, 2020


Q: “I feel like I’ve run out of things to ask now…”

KENNETH MADDEN: “It doesn’t matter, you’re not asking anything. You haven’t asked a single question. You haven’t said anything. It’s stunning. It’s absolutely amazing. You’re being done right now. You’re not there! (laughs) There is nobody. There is no separate person.

It’s not that there’s a separate person there and it might one day fall away. It’s that there is no separate person there, and there has never been a separate person there, and there never has been a separate person anywhere because there is no separation anywhere! There’s no separation. There’s just energy.”

Michael Jeffreys “Doubtless Freedom: Truth is what IS.” 7-29-20 Satsang video
July 30, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “Doubtless Freedom: Truth is what IS.” 7-29-20 Satsang


1. Truth is… what IS


2. If we’re still not clear on our true nature, on what IS, then there’s always going to be doubts. And that’s what we’re bumping up against.

3. At Satsang we often hear, “I had it, I lost it!” Let’s take a look at this… can we lose what IS?

PETER: It cannot be lost because it always IS.

4. Where’s your allegiance? Is your allegiance to what always is, always has been, always will be? Or, is your allegiance to the me? To the psychological mental construct that’s all over the place!?

5. The me tries to negotiate. It says, “Ya, ya, I know there’s One Truth, BUT…” Everything after the “BUT…” is false.

6. If you take your story and set it aside, what’s left?

JOAN: Nothing. It’s just an empty, blank space.

7. There has to be the changeless to know change.

8. This is a letting go of all stories. Stories can be entertaining, but like Santa Claus, none of ’em contain Truth.

9. Truth doesn’t have an agenda. Agenda’s are for me’s, not for Truth.

10. At Satsang we’re not interested in your story or my story or any story. We’re interested in what’s ever-present and prior to ALL stories, full-stop.

11. What IS is always and only what IS. And nobody made it and no one can take it away. That is Immortality… Unborn.

12. The body has changed continuously, non-stop. But You, have You changed? The one looking out the body… that Conscious-Awareness… effortless… ever-present… no “on” or “off” switch to it.

13. There’s no doing to become what you already are. And the me’s a doer… the body is an action figure.

14. The sky is like awareness and the clouds are the different arisings… thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations. And the sky doesn’t cling to the clouds… notice that the sky does nothing… the clouds come and they go all by themselves. And that’s how it is for us. All your feelings, thoughts emotions… they’ll leave on their own. You’re eternal. Anything that arises is going to pass. You’re not going anywhere.

**My internet connection went out after 26 mins. and so Satsang abruptly/unexpectedly ended at that point. (No doer!) I’m happy that the video still recorded and is available to those seeking doubtless Freedom. Remember, you already are what you seek.

The illusion of Control: You can’t stop what you’re not doing. New MJ Awakening Blog
December 31, 2019

the illusion of control calvin and hobbes

You can’t stop what you’re not doing.

-Michael Jeffreys

LINDSAY: Do you mind elaborating?

MICHAEL: It’s pointing to the illusion of control. Almost everyone assumes that the thoughts in the head are “theirs.” But if you really could control your thoughts, you could tell them to stop and they would instantly stop. Or, you could tell them to only be positive and they would instantly obey. But the fact is we do not control our thoughts. That being the case, what to do?

The answer is something most find unacceptable. Do nothing. Simply let them be. Realize that like a dream, all is happening spontaneously, by itself. Thus we become a witness rather than a doer. Like watching a movie. You can’t crawl inside the screen and change anything about the movie that’s playing at your local cinema, likewise you cannot change whatever is presently appearing. By the time its showing up, it’s already on it’s way to changing into the next frame…

What’s more, if you take the time to look, can you actually find the one who is reacting to the thoughts in the head? And if you can’t find anyone, than “who” is reacting to the thoughts in the head? 

LINDSAY: Thank you! I can witness and then I feel like I forget and am caught up in movie again. Will I ever get it?? 

MICHAEL: Will “who” get it!? 

LINDSAY: no doubt!! 😀 


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