The problem for the “me” is… New MJ Awakening Blog
March 3, 2020

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The problem for the “me” is that it truly believes it knows what this unfathomable MYSTERY is.

Michael Jeffreys


Understanding is ILLUSORY. New MJ Awakening Blog
January 28, 2020



“Me’s” entire apparent existence is based on believing it understands the un-understandable. “A” thinks it understands “B.” “A” believes it can explain “B.” Duality. Separation. Twoness.

NONDUALITY points to not two. One without a second. Nothing/no one separate from all that is that can stand outside of all that is to be able to understand IT. THIS cannot be understood. Nobody has ever understood THIS.

Michael Jeffreys

p.s.  “There’s an apparent contraction having the illusory experience that what appears can be known.” -Jim Newman

A Good First Step to Awakening… New MJ Awakening Blog
August 6, 2015

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A good first step to awakening is to realize that you haven’t a clue what this moment actually IS. No story, no concept, ever touches the actuality of THIS moment. THIS moment doesn’t need my or your interpretation (no matter how well intentioned) in order to be what it already is. Indeed, EVERY interpretation is yet another magical, unknowable appearance amongst a sea of truly unknowable and magical appearances.

How to see this? It’s simple, but not easy. It’s simple because it’s already here, right now in front of you… in fact you are smack-dab in it so it’s impossible to miss! Yes, right now as you read these words you are not separate from this present moment happening. (Take a moment to let this in, to feel (not think) the direct experience of THIS moment… sights, sounds, smells, sensations, etc.)

No one knows what even a single thing is, or why it is, or where it is, or when it is, or how it came to be. Everyone is confronted by an irreducible Mystery, and that Mystery is profound.

-Adi Da

Why is it not easy to see this? Because the mind, married to its labels and concepts, insists that it does know what THIS present appearance is! And its “proof” is built on the fact that it can come up with endless stories, theories and beliefs about THIS moment. But NONE of these stories, theories and beliefs actually tell as about the moment itself, since they are not separate from the moment in which they are appearing! We don’t know where anything is coming from and so to even talk about anything is simply adding more not knowing to what is already not known. Do you see the conundrum!?

For example, we can talk endlessly about LIGHT, yet nobody really knows exactly what light is. Likewise, we can talk endlessly about THIS presently arising moment, but nobody truly knows what this moment is. No story can contain all that is. Until it is realized that nothing is fundamentally knowable, we will continue to be deluded into believing we actually know what anything is. In fact, there is only what IS, and what IS can never truly be known. This can be the end of the search, the end of seeking when the futility of looking for an explanation for THIS drops away. And in it’s place is simply THIS, as it is.

-Michael Jeffreys

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