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July 27, 2020

passing clouds

“If you remember, that’s not what you are… it is what is being experienced, but it’s not what is. What IS is not that. That cannot appear without what IS…. it’s the most powerful pointer when grasped.”


MICHAEL: All thoughts, feelings, sensations and moods come and go. What knows this? Does that one come and go?

No. That which is aware of the transient is not transient… and you are THAT. This is what must be deeply intuited/grasped, but cannot be when we are ignorantly identified as the transient body/mind.

Notice: What is AWARE of the mind is not the mind. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 12, 2018


“This is what the ‘person mind’ can never understand and this is why there’s so much confusion on this planet… You’re not realizing that You are the Self Awareness that’s seeing the mind and the mind is in front of you.”

-Nazarah Merah

MICHAEL: Notice: What is AWARE of the mind is not the mind.

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