Neither the voice in the head or what hears it is the real you. New MJ Awakening Blog
November 16, 2019

go deeper

What you fundamentally are is deeper than

both the voice in the head and what hears it,

which are still the “surface” persona you.

Michael Jeffreys



Was He Ever Really That Mask?
April 28, 2012

WHO is reading these words? Have a good look. A thought that says, “I am” is NOT an actual entity… it’s just a wispy sound! A feeling that feels like “you” is NOT an actual entity… it’s just the one feeling you are most familiar with and so it seems like you since you’ve known it the longest!

What if the sense of being a separate-self is just a mind-made assumption, but because you have habitually made it “you” your whole life, a part of you is deathly afraid to exist even one moment without it. A lie that I am familiar with is more comforting in some ways than the truth of which is completely unknown to me.

Imagine a 2 yr. old “trick or treater” who never took his Halloween mask off. He’s 46 today… he’s worn the mask for 44 years and so takes himself to be that mask. But, in actuality… was he ever really that mask?

-Michael Jeffreys

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