Why You Keep Manifesting What You Don’t Want
October 15, 2012

Listen carefully to your conversation with those you interact with throughout your day, and see if you can notice each time you hear someone stating what they DON’T want to happen. In other words, setting an energetic intention for something to happen that they don’t want, such as, “It’s rainy out… hope I don’t get into a car accident!”

By hoping for what they don’t want to happen they are giving it energy. They are attracting to them exactly what they say they don’t want!? Like vibration attracts like vibration is a Universal law just as much as gravity is. So when you say, “hope I don’t get into a car accident!” what is the main focus of your request? That’s right, manifesting a car accident. (Remember, the Universe is neutral and so it is never personal… it is simply responding to your energy.)

What I do when I am working with someone and I hear them asking for what they do not want is to restate what they want in a positive, more helpful way. So, upon hearing the above fear about getting into a wreck, I would have the person re-state the declaration to affirm what they actually WANT: “It feels so good to drive safely and harmoniously with the flow of Life knowing that we can all get to wherever we need to exactly when we are supposed to be there!

Now, turn the camera on yourself. What have you noticed YOUR mind saying that is setting an energetic intention to manifest something you really do not want? For example, “We’re moving into Fall…, hope I don’t catch a cold.” What energy is this sending out into the Universe? Fear! Worry! Lack of trust in Life!

Instead, affirm what you DO want more of: “I am so grateful for my happy and healthy body… it does so much for me every moment!”

–Michael Jeffreys

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