“No trauma… no story… can describe you.” -Lubo & Luchana ~ New MJ Nonduality blog
January 22, 2022

“No trauma can describe you or no story can describe you. You’re already this Freedom. Each color, everything, is this Freedom already.

Who is this voice speaking to? ‘How tough is Life, what are these sensations, what is going to happen tomorrow?’ To whom is it speaking to? To which color is it speaking to?

Colors and shapes don’t care what this voice is saying… they do not care… Life doesn’t care! It sounds harsh, but it’s not.”

Lubo & Luchana

“And the freedom is to see it’s not happening to anyone.” -Lubo… New MJ Nonduality blog
June 25, 2021

“There’s nothing apart from what is. All there is is just what is. It’s absolutely unknowable. And the freedom is to see it’s not happening to anyone.” -Lubo

BEHZAD: How is it unknowable? To say that all there is, is what is, means that you have knowledge that all there is is what is. If you talk about something that is unknowable then that is a belief.

DAN: Hello Behzad. The difference is that belief comes from the thinking mind, and is part of the self identity. What’s spoken of here is not knowable, because there is no way to get outside of it, to see or say what it is. In that sense, it isn’t anything at all–not a ‘thing’ that could be known. The mind can only know objects–things that have ‘edges’ or limits, that can be labeled and given names. What you’ve written here in your comment has a kind of logic to it. But this logic is dualistic, and is a kind of limited system. What’s being pointed to here–the all that is–is not contained within any system. In fact, there isn’t any way to speak of it–with language, logic or knowledge. It’s fine if this doesn’t resonate with you, because it really doesn’t make logical sense. It’s paradoxical in that way.

MICHAEL: There are “things” that seem to be “knowable,” but when looked for here/now, no knower can be found. Even the one reading these words cannot be found.You can call This Magic… a Mystery… dirty socks… “Dis” doesn’t mind any word, because even words are This. So disagreeing or agreeing with this post, believing or not believing something, is still This cuz ALL IS THIS.And yet… even “This” cannot be found. 😊🙏❤️

NKOSIYAZI KHWELA Nonduality Interview “Mirrors with Luchana” video
May 29, 2021

NKOSIYAZI KHWELA Nonduality Interview “Mirrors with Luchana”

“There’s never been anything else but This. It’s always been This. There’s never been anyone who is seeking.”


“Freedom Excludes Nothing.” New Michael Jeffreys Nonduality Blog
April 2, 2021

LUCHANA UZUNOVA: What is freedom?

OSKAR WIMAN: This. It’s free to be anything.

MICHAEL: Freedom excludes nothing. Nothing needs any reason for appearing, including resistance. Unlike me, Freedom has no rules.

MICHAEL JEFFREYS Nonduality Interview “Mirrors with Luchana” video
February 20, 2021

MICHAEL JEFFREYS Nonduality Interview “Mirrors with Luchana”

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