Lisa Lennon on SEEKING. New Michael Jeffreys Nonduality Blog
March 9, 2021


“The seeking is based on judgment, measurement, ideologies, self-doubt, and all these different things. And none of them are true.

Because you can just see it for yourself that THIS is it. Not meaning as one particular thing, like a measurement of any kind, but THIS is it. It’s here in every regard.And there’s no right way to do it or wrong way to do it. It will be done as it’s done.

And that is in itself perfection. I don’t mean perfection as a judgment, but it’s just perfectly happening just as it is.”

-Lisa Lennon

And nothing is excluded from what IS, so absolutely judgment can arise… it’s just not yours.

“Nothing helps the imaginary person be free.” New MJ Awakening Pointer
September 9, 2018


“Nothing helps the imaginary person be free.” -Lisa Lennon

MICHAEL: What about what is spontaneously arising is saying it’s you?

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