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October 1, 2015

the light of consciousness

At last night’s West LA Satsang, I held up a flashlight in my right hand and shined it on my left hand as I opened and closed it rapidly over and over, while saying repeatedly (for dramatic effect), “ooga-booga, ooga-booga!”

I then said, “Notice how the light of my consciousness, which the light of this flashlight represents, illuminates the arising (in this case my opening and closing left hand) and so all my attention is on the object of awareness. Thus, I remain ignorant (meaning I ignore) THE LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF.

Awakening is a shift from object consciousness to the light of consciousness itself. From the object(s) the light is illuminating to the source of the light itself. And that source is always YOU. Not a personal thought of a ‘you,’ but ever-present impersonal silent Consciousness that is illuminating these very words as they are being read.

-Michael Jeffreys

Vibration is Everything
September 19, 2012

You are pure vibration. Don’t like your current experience? Vibrate/shift to a higher frequency and see if that doesn’t feel better! (And don’t tell me you don’t know how… you’ve been doing it every moment of your sweet loving existence!)

-Michael Jeffreys

The Silence in the Heart of the Soul
July 30, 2012

You are the LIGHT in which the whispy roller-coaster ride filmstrip called, “My Life,” appears in. Knowing this conceptually doesn’t relieve the suffering a whole lot, because the understanding must go much deeper… to the silence in the heart of the soul.

–Michael Jeffreys

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