MIND makes impersonal seem personal. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 10, 2019


“…freedom is only truly possible when you’re falling – not when you’re landing.

…a refined space where life is no longer opposing itself, trying to live itself, trying to be itself.

…allowing yourself to end has become an automatic process. Those steps are no longer steps for you; they have become the way of sanity.

Truth is whatever’s happening. Illusion is ownership of whatever’s happening.”

-Kyle Hoobin

MICHAEL: Mind makes impersonal seem personal.

Unlike secondary knowledge, PRIMARY KNOWLEDGE doesn’t come from outside You. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 7, 2019

secondary knowledge

“Pain dissolves when ‘you’ dissolve… when you place the truth of what you know first, always. Pain will persist so long as you continue to entertain your secondary knowledge first, as if it were ultimate reality.”

-Kyle Hoobin

MICHAEL: Everything you’ve learned since your body was born is 100% secondary knowledge. It didn’t originate from You and therefore really has nothing to do with you.

On the other hand, what you ALREADY ARE is Primary knowledge. You know it because you are it. Unlike secondary knowledge, Primary knowledge doesn’t depend on anything, like thoughts or beliefs or experiences, to exist. It just always is.

And so whereas we once took secondary knowledge seriously, that becomes impossible once we awaken to the deeper truth of what we are (and have always been) and we see for ourselves that our Primary knowledge never comes or goes or changes. And so we live from what we now know to be true.

Note that there’s no problem using secondary knowledge during the normal flow of Life, but we no longer mistake it for Primary knowledge or Truth. You are already all the Truth there is. Nothing can be added to all that is.

p.s. Silence is Primary knowledge. Words are secondary knowledge.


Realizing You’ve NEVER been out of the Now. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 5, 2019



“Acknowledging that there is nothing else can be made easier by deeply recognizing that it’s impossible to leave this moment. It simply can’t be done. This moment after all is the only thing that’s real. I’ll say it again: this moment is the only thing that’s real.

So if you can’t leave this moment, how often do you believe that you can?

Recognizing this fact can help silence the mind. After all, what more is there to think about once you acknowledge that past and future are an illusion?

There’s obviously no need to think about the present, so what need is there to think then? The more this becomes apparent the more you will awaken. Self-realization after all, is the realization of eternity… the truth that exists outside of thought.

The awakened state awaits you in eternity – not in time. Eternity has only one moment – this one.”

-Kyle Hoobin

MICHAEL: Worth meditating on deeply: “this moment is the only thing that’s real.”

What if the BELIEF that you are lacking something was never actually true? New MJ Awakening Blog
March 2, 2019

universal delusion is still delusion

“The mechanism that keeps you asleep is the delusion of attainment. On a deep fundamental level, you believe that you can acquire an outside source and make it become part of you, make it complete you.

Until you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that attainment is an illusion, your ‘self’ will still feel real and your search will seem justified, necessary, unavoidable.”

-Kyle Hoobin

MICHAEL: Because we assume we are not enough simply as we are, we look to the world to fill that lack. But, what if our starting assumption is incorrect? What if the belief that we are lacking something was never actually true? If you are truly not lacking anything, then what do you “need” from the world?

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