“All is This is not a belief, teaching or achievement…” New MJ Nonduality blog
December 29, 2021

All is This is not a belief, teaching or achievement…

Me imagines All is This as being thee gold medal of achievement… The Mt. Everest. That some day, when “I” get “there,” then I’ll be like Tim, Kenneth, Ariana and Nkosi… “I will be abiding as pure nondual awareness, blah, blah, blah.” That’s ALL story.

There’s no “there” to arrive at and there’s no “you”, ALREADY, cuz there’s only This, no matter what seems to be arising. So pain, pleasure, boredom, fear, depression, anxiety, joy, uncertainty, laughter, confusion, silence, etc. are all This too…

All is This leaves nothing out… or in. Already, Everything is Nothing…


“You’ve Never Done Anything… You’re Being Done.” New MJ Awakening Blog
November 7, 2020


Q: “I feel like I’ve run out of things to ask now…”

KENNETH MADDEN: “It doesn’t matter, you’re not asking anything. You haven’t asked a single question. You haven’t said anything. It’s stunning. It’s absolutely amazing. You’re being done right now. You’re not there! (laughs) There is nobody. There is no separate person.

It’s not that there’s a separate person there and it might one day fall away. It’s that there is no separate person there, and there has never been a separate person there, and there never has been a separate person anywhere because there is no separation anywhere! There’s no separation. There’s just energy.”

Kenneth Madden on FEELING SEPARATE. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 6, 2020

kenneth madden


KENNETH: “It’s not an idea, it’s a really felt feeling that I’m a separate individual. And all the time while that’s there it does create a tension or an anxiety, a longing to not be there. The divine comedy is that you’re not there. It’s only an appearance, it’s artificial. So the sense of being separate is artificial, it’s not real.”

QUESTION: “The contraction is not something made of emotions and thoughts?”

KENNETH: “The contraction is an energetic contraction that’s just an appearance. It’s not a real thing that has to be undone. There’s the trick you see… there’s the nub of it… that the person feels, “I’m a separate individual, what can I do to not be separate?”

That’s just the hamster wheel of Eckhart Tolle and this and that… “if you be stilling yourself there’ll be more of an opening and blah, blah, blah,” and the list just goes on and on. And it goes round and round and all it is is the individual feeding its individuality.

And the story doesn’t matter to the individual, it could be good or bad or whatever it is. But all the time there’s an invitation to see that there is no individual, there’s only just what is, just energy, just aliveness, that’s all.

QUESTION: “Including the contraction?”

KENNETH: “Yes, everything is it including the contraction. There’s nothing that’s not it.

TIME comes from the sense of separation. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 20, 2019

separate self is time


“Everything is new, everything is aliveness when there’s no sense of a ‘you’ that’s filtering everything…

But that whole sense of time actually comes from the sense of being separate. When it falls away it’s so obvious there’s no time. There’s no past, there’s no present and there’s no future. There’s no now. What’s the now?

Because if there’s a now, that means there’s something behind it… where’s the boundary at? I mean if this is the present, where’s the boundary on the past and when does the future start?”

-Kenneth Madden


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