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April 10, 2019

hearing from love


“But, you say, suppose you have not yet reached the stage where you are able actually to hear a voice speaking within and to know it as one assuming to teach or lead you.

Know that it is not an actual voice such
as your physical ears hear that speaks; for
are not every desire, every urge, every hope,
longing, fear, discouragement, anxiety, regret,
voices heard just as surely and effectively
as audible voices?

And while all such are voices I use to
teach you the right from the wrong way,
yet My Voice, that you long so to hear and
to be always sure is Mine, you will never
truly hear and know until you let Love
abide and rule in your heart.

For Love alone can clear away that in your heart and consciousness which causes you to listen to the voice of self, thus preventing your hearing Me when I speak.”

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, Brotherhood)


The INTELLECT is Your servant and thus the voice in the head is the voice of the servant, not You. New MJ Awakening Blog
April 9, 2019

voice in the head not you


“First, remember who I am, I who am in all
men, Who am That which speaks through
all men, Who am the Self of you who read,
dwelling deep within the heart—the innermost
of you, and Who seek to come forth as the
Christ and to show Myself—your Highest
Self—to all men.

Remember that I always speak from out the
heart, and not from the head, the intellect
being but My servant, My interpreter.

But when the servant acknowledges not his Master,
having grown proud, and deems himself above
his station and tries to impress others with his
knowledge and importance, then you may
know why it is so hard to hear My voice and
to know when it is I speaking, and why you
become so often confused and so uncertain what to do.

Therefore it is most necessary that you
determine whence comes the voice or voices
that so confuse and disturb you.”

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, Brotherhood)

Where ALL questions dissolve… New MJ Awakening Blog
March 20, 2019



“You must realize by this time I have allowed you
all things. All you have, or are, be it of good or
evil, of blessing or suffering, of success or failure,
of riches or lack, I have allowed you or attracted
to you. —Why? For USE— in awakening you to a
recognition and acknowledgment of Me as The

-Joseph S. Benner 
(from, The Impersonal Life)


MICHAEL: Where all questions dissolve… there’s only God then there are no questions, because there’s only God.

Where on Earth did I get “My” CONSCIOUSNESS from? New MJ Awakening Blog
March 18, 2019

Black hole concept.


“It is all a matter of consciousness —of your
conscious thinking. You are separated from Me
only because you think you are. Your mind is but a
focal point of My Mind. If you but knew it, what
you call your consciousness is My Consciousness.
You cannot even think, much less breathe or exist
without My Consciousness being in you,— Can
you not see it?

Well, then, think, believe you are I, that We are
not separated, that We could not possibly be
separated; for WE are ONE, I within You, and You
within Me, Think this is so; determinedly image it
as so; and verily the moment you are conscious of
this, that moment are you with Me in Heaven.

You are what you believe you are. Not one thing
in your life is Real or has any value to you only as
your thinking and believing has made it such.
Therefore, think no more you are separated from
Me, and abide with Me in the Impersonal Realm…”

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, The Impersonal Life)


Have You awakened to/recognized your ever-present Divine/Real/True Self within yet? New MJ Awakening Blog
March 16, 2019

joseph s. benner

“This Message is to awaken you to a realization of
what You are, to a realization of your real Self. It
is intended to make you once more conscious of
Me, your Divine Self, so conscious that never
again will you be deceived by that other self,
which you have imagined as being you and which
so long has lured you on by feeding you with its
unsatisfying sense pleasures, its mental
dissipations and emotional delights.

Before that can be it will be necessary for you
thoroughly to know that supposed other self,
that self which You created by thinking it real and
separate from Me, and then kept alive by giving it
the power thus to entice and deceive you; yes,
that self-created self, with its purely selfish pride
and ambitions and imagined power, its love of
life, of possessions, of being thought wise or
good,— but which self is merely your human

personality, which was born only to die as a
separate identity, and as such has no more reality
or permanence that the leaf, the snow or the

-Joseph S. Benner
(from, The Impersonal Life)

Every WORD is an IDEA. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 14, 2019

HBW all words are pegs


“Now, a word to the human understanding is a symbol of an Idea; that is, it stands for, embodies, and represents an Idea.
You are a Word, a symbol of an Idea, if you can see it. So is a diamond, a violet, a horse.

When you can discern the idea back of the symbol, then you know the soul or the reality of the manifestation appearing as a man, a diamond, a horse, a violet.”

-Joseph Benner
(from, The Impersonal Life)

It’s the UNEXAMINED BELIEF that there really is separation that’s the cause of suffering. New MJ Awakening Blog
March 12, 2019

the impersonal life cover


“Nothing can Be without manifesting and
expressing some phase of Me, Who AM not only
the Builder of all forms, but the Dweller in each.
In the heart of each I dwell; in the heart of the
human, in the heart of the animal, in the heart of
the flower, in the heart of the stone. In the heart
of each I live and move and have My Being, and
from out the heart of each I send forth that phase
of Me I desire to express, and which manifests in
the outer world as a stone, a flower, an animal, a

Is there nothing, then, but this great I? Am I to be
permitted no individuality for myself? I hear you

No, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is
not a part of Me, controlled and ruled eternally by
Me, the One Infinite Reality.

As for your so-called individuality, that is nothing
but your personality still seeking to maintain
a separate existence.”

-Joseph Benner
(from, The Impersonal Life)

MICHAEL: If all is God, as in 100%, what is leftover that’s truly personal? Only in imagination can the impersonal seem personal. But in reality/truth nothing is personal, for there is nothing separate from all that IS to be its own independent source/supply/manifestation apart from God. It’s the unexamined belief that there really is separation that’s the cause of suffering.

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