John Astin: You’ve never been apart from it because you are it… New MJ Nonduality blog
November 7, 2022

This is a well being that’s unconditioned. In other words, it’s equally present in sadness as it is in joy. When you investigate whatever seems to be present, you come up with infinity, with the unfathomable nature of it… the natural perfection of everything as it is.

We don’t have to correct our experiences because their very appearance is the miracle that we’re searching for… Your very existence is made of pure perfection, pure divinity, pure radiance… And you’ve never been apart from it because you are it… and so is everything else.

-John Astin


Immediacy has no history… New MJ Nonduality blog
November 5, 2022


Life’s not holding on to anything… Life is the absolute master of letting go… I mean a thought arises and poof it’s gone… it let’s go of itself. It does not hold on… there’s no holding on.

-John Astin

Ever fresh… alive… unmediated… as it is… conceptless… unmoved… unsolid… timeless… thoughtless… ever-present… nowhere everywhere.


John Astin: “We overlook the miracle that lies before us…” New MJ Nonduality blog
October 30, 2022

“We overlook the miracle that lies before us

for the simple reason that we keep looking for it somewhere else.”

-John Astin

Always becoming, but never becomes… John Astin – New MJ Nonduality blog
October 18, 2022

“It’s always in a state of becoming, but it never becomes something. It never fixes… never becomes the fixed, set, identifiable form. The entire semantic world that we seem to believe we live in suggests that things have fixed forms…
And yet, gone, gone, evaporating… ungraspable… all these teachings emphasize getting in the moment and yet you can’t find a moment! And paradoxically, vanishing, vanishing, vanishing, yet always here simultaneously… so always vanishing, always here. “

-John Astin

MICHAEL: Here yet not here… is yet isn’t… known yet unknowable… changeless change… 💥

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