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July 12, 2019


The “me” is noise and noise will never find Silence.

-Michael Jeffreys

The story is always old. The Silence is always brand new.

-Jeff Foster


True Acceptance Leaves Nothing Out
February 15, 2013


When this moment is truly accepted as it IS, meaning ALL is accepted, both the “wanted” and the “unwanted,” it’s possible to find a vast space present that has room for everything, AS IT IS.

It’s a LIVING space, and so trying to analyze it with your mind will only keep you spinning and stuck, as opposed to accepting, allowing and loving.

The secret is to accept or “make space” for (actually, the space is already there, or you wouldn’t even be aware of the feeling, thought, sensation, or emotion) ALL that you are experiencing AS it arises… The good, the bad, and the ugly! 😉

While the mental “you” might not think it can handle such an “OPEN door policy,” the real you, the infinite space that you are beyond all descriptions has no problem BEing with what IS. “IT” has doing it ALL “your life.”

Once you catch on to this way of BEing (accepting rather than judging/analyzing everything), the next step is to put it into practice repeatedly until it becomes second nature. In other words, you no longer have to think about accepting or not accepting… ACCEPTANCE simply happens automatically.

This way of BEing is so incredibly liberating, not because it eliminates unpleasantness, but because you find you have space within you to allow it to be, fully, as it is. An open, full, loving Space that perhaps before you didn’t even realize you had within you. It’s a “being with,” in an authentic way, versus trying to change or get rid of your present moment experience.

-Michael Jeffreys

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