There is no one to become enlightened. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 11, 2019



“There is no such thing as an enlightened person. There never has been. No person has ever become enlightened. Because the whole idea of a person becoming enlightened is a total contradiction, it’s a total ignorance.

Awakening is the realization that there is no one. When the seeker drops away, that which is sought becomes apparent. But it becomes apparent to no one… it just is apparent.

That which we seek is always present, is totally constant. That which we long for is already this.”

-Tony Parsons

MICHAEL: You didn’t create the “me” and you can’t make it go away… the activity of trying to stop your thoughts or make the “me” go away is simply more “me” activity. Trying to get rid of an illusion just reinforces it. It would be like trying to get rid of the Boogey man in the closet.

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