Michael Jeffreys “All meaning, purpose & agendas are for a ME… & there isn’t one.” 9-16-20 Satsang video
September 19, 2020

Michael Jeffreys “All meaning, purpose & agendas are for a ME… & there isn’t one.” 9-16-20 Satsang

“How do you get that there’s nothing to get because there’s no one there to get it?”

Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one. New MJ Awakening Blog
October 7, 2019



Having a healthier self-esteem is for the person… but there isn’t one.

Michael Jeffreys

Me is a story and story is not what is drinking the water. New MJ Awakening Blog
August 6, 2019

lab loving water


Trying to improve, fix, or get rid of the me only attempts to reinforce a story about that which has never actually existed.

For example, a dog doesn’t think, “I am thirsty. But I notice the bowl is only half full. What happens when I run out? Then what? Maybe I’ll die of dehydration. This is terrible!”

Rather, it just finds itself going to the water and lapping up the cool liquid. It doesn’t need a story to do this. But to the human, the story seems very important to the “me.” And that’s the cause of our suffering.

Whereas the dog inherently trusts life, we don’t. Because we are too fixated on our stories, rather than what’s actually happening, which no words can contain or truly explain.

Michael Jeffreys

Seeing deeply that the “me” is inherently IMPERMANENT, INTERDEPENDENT, and EMPTY. New MJ Awakening Blog
July 3, 2019

3 fireworks

Tonight’s topic at the West LA weekly Satsang was threefold, as all 3 pointers work well together to help loosen our attachment to the “me,” i.e., the feeling of being an actual “separate self,” which when deeply and repeatedly investigated, is revealed to be:


1) IMPERMANENCE reminds us that everything, without exception, is temporary, including the “me.” All thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, stories, etc. are like clouds in that they are there until they are not.

2) INTERDEPENDENCE reminds us that nothing exists by itself. Everything depends on something else in order to exist. A plant is not just a plant, but depends on the sun. No sun, no plant. The plant also depends on the soil to grow in, so no soil, no plant. What about water? Same, no water, no plant.

So sun, soil and water are as much plant as the green leaves! And even though we still refer to it as a plant, we now realize that the word means/encapsulates/is shorthand for so much more than we may have once thought. That the plant is the creation of the entire cosmos!

Now bringing it closer to home, what about the “me”? Without a living body, could you have a “me”? No. So the “me” is dependent on a living body. What about air? No air, no body, no “me.” So “me” is dependent on air.

What about thoughts? Can you have a “me” without a thought? No. So the “me” is dependent on thoughts for its existence. Realizing this, we can begin to see that the “me” is not as independently existing as we may have once believed.

Btw, another way to see this is to imagine you were the only person alive on the planet. If that were the case, suddenly the word “me” wouldn’t make any sense, as there would be no “other” to differentiate yourself from.

3) EMPTINESS reminds us that because everything is interdependent, nothing can exist by itself, under its own power, and thus is empty of inherent existence meaning existing totally by itself, independently.

It’s worth spending some time meditating/reflecting on these 3 “deconstruction points,” and feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Happy “Interdependence Day!”

Michael Jeffreys


Question from Facebook:

“Hi Michael, I take it that these conditions apply to the small self. How does this all relate to the ultimate Self and what is the ultimate Self?”

MICHAEL: Good question! Yes, all “awakening pointers” are for “small self.” The psychological aspect to us which is trying to make sense of it all. It’s view is inaccurate about how things actually are, and so these are the Buddha’s observations on how to correct our “wrong view.” 

There is nothing to say about the Ultimate Self as any mind made concepts are not it. Just know that you are already THAT, which is why you are not the “me” the mind focuses on/thinks about obsessively.



Telling/believing a story about something that’s not real, and was never real, doesn’t make it real. New MJ Awakening Blog
May 14, 2019

i exist support group

“Me” was born 100% in imagination during the body’s first 2 years of existence. And since it has never left imagination, that’s the only “place” it can be improved, fixed, fretted over i.e., tinkered with.

It’s like trying to improve or fix or fret over Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. We can tell a new story about it (which is what we are doing everyday, lo every minute, when we tell another about how “we” are doing or think “I” am making progress or “I” am regressing).

But telling/believing a story about something that’s not real, and was never real, doesn’t make it real.

Believing an illusion for 60 years doesn’t make it any less an illusion.

What to do?

Notice this. Repeatedly. Deeply.

As if your life depended upon it.

Michael Jeffreys

What SEES? New MJ Awakening Blog
May 1, 2019



Seeing occurs, but what is literally seeing? Is it really an imagined “me” (that is only seemingly present during the process/activity/movement of thinking) that is actually what is processing/taking in/cognizing/classifying/making sense of the numerous images and knows what they are instantly?

Or, is seeing happening all by itself, and the imaginary “me” claims, “I’m seeing.” And because it’s been this way our whole lives, it’s taken for granted and never thoroughly gone into/investigated/looked at carefully.

Silently notice your seeing right now… can you honestly find a “me” anywhere?

Michael Jeffreys

Q: What’s the biggest mistake seekers make on the spiritual path? New MJ Awakening Blog
February 5, 2018

everything revolves around planet me

Q: What’s the biggest mistake seekers make on the spiritual path?

MICHAEL: That they are going to get something out of it, i.e., enlightenment, awakening, happiness, peace, etc. It’s the opposite. True spirituality is a loss, not a gain. It’s the dissolving of the false “me,” the one who imagines everything revolves around “them.”

This personal position is the suffering. For now the rain is not simply what is happening, for example, but “my” picnic has been ruined! See? It‘s a personal interpretation of that which is inherently impersonal.

Without a thought, what is personal?

The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation. New MJ Awakening Pic Quote
January 18, 2018


The “me” is not a creator, it’s a creation.

Michael Jeffreys

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