Q: What is the glue of identification? New MJ Awakening Blog
September 22, 2017

glue of identification

Q: What is the glue of identification?

MICHAEL: Suffering. It’s the taking of any story that is showing up as “my” story. What to “do”? Observe the process of identification rather than “being” it. In other words, simply notice it.

“What is THIS moment like without identifying with/as anything?

I don’t know…

let me BE still/silent and see…” 

You are PRIOR to perception… new MJ Awakening Blog
November 1, 2015

sleeping buddha

How can ANY perception (Be it fear, anger, sadness, depression, confusion, boredom, anxiety, any story, thought, idea, feeling, image, person, place or thing, etc.) be You if You are what is perceiving it? Doesn’t whatever You are have to be PRIOR to the perception?? (Please confirm this for Yourself.)

When we IDENTIFY with what comes and goes we suffer from “mistaken identity.” It is suffering because we are taking ourselves to be something we are not: a particular sense of contracted energy which comes and so it will go. If it can go, then was it ever really You in the first place?? Why IDENTIFY with anything??

Stay as are and see/notice that what you’ve always been is what you’ve been looking for! You aren’t anything and yet You are… that’s the paradox the mind can never reconcile.

-Michael Jeffreys

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